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What “Real-Time” Means in Your Workforce Management Software?

By Nicole Brand

It’s one thing to implement workforce management software for your security company – it’s quite another to use a software that is truly capable of meeting the demands of the modern workplace. And while there are many factors that can have a big influence on the effectiveness of your system (such as cloud computing and flexible software deployment), few features are more important than real-time workforce management.

After all, managing a team of security guards is no simple task – especially when it comes to organizing schedules, monitoring guard activity at multiple client sites, and dealing with incident reports. However, with the help of real-time workforce management tools, each of these tasks becomes much easier to manage, easing the burden on back office staff while simultaneously empowering guards to take greater control over their work.

So what exactly does “real-time” mean for your workforce management software? Here are just a few ways that real-time applications can make a difference for your team.


Easy Access

One of the greatest advantages of “real-time” software is that it allows everyone – from back office staff to clients and security guards – to access the information they need in real time. Integration with smartphones and tablets allows users to perform necessary tasks any time, any place. If a guard needs to update their work availability, they don’t need to wait until coming in for their next shift to do so. If a client wishes to access data from the most recent patrols at their site, they don’t have to rely on paper reports submitted by the security management team.

By providing real-time access to scheduling, guard tracking, incident reports, and more, it becomes that much easier to maintain quality communications between all relevant parties. Messages can even be sent via SMS messaging or email, ensuring that the right information gets to the right people in a timely manner. This will greatly increase workforce efficiency, allowing your team to deliver better results to your clients.


Improved Accountability

Another notable advantage of real-time workforce management software is its ability to improve accountability among members of your security team. GPS tracking and digital checkpoints are key features of modern security workforce management programs. These tools allow management to track guard activities in real time, ensuring that patrols are completed in accordance with client requirements.

If a guard doesn’t arrive at a required checkpoint, an alert is sent to management, allowing them to contact the guard and rectify the problem.

What Real-Time Means in Your Workforce Management Software

This increased level of accountability ensures that guards take full responsibility for their duties. Real-time tracking naturally results in more diligent work from guards on patrol, ensuring that you are adequately fulfilling the promises you’ve made to your clients.

Of course, this increase in accountability goes both ways — with instant access to data, management is responsible for taking immediate action to resolve incident reports and other issues. As all members of your security team take greater ownership of their work, it will be that much easier to exceed client expectations.


Smarter Data

Having information automatically delivered by a real-time workforce management system ultimately ensures greater efficiency and accuracy in everything your team does. With incident reports, location data can be automatically added utilizing GPS data, speeding up the reporting process and eliminating errors. Housing scheduling information in a digital database that reflects real-time updates and client preferences greatly reduces the risk of scheduling the wrong guard for a particular shift.

By storing this information in a secure cloud database, users can have confidence that their data will be backed up for future reference. There is no risk of important reports getting misplaced.

With accurate protected data, security guard companies and their clients will be better positioned to make further improvements that increase efficiency and security.


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