As challenging as it can be to manage security guard teams at a large facility, security professionals know that working an event can be even more difficult. From comic book conventions and auto trade shows to rock concerts and business expos, each event presents its own set of challenges.

With vendors, crowds of people, and a large facility to deal with, event security management can be a major headache. But when you have a strong event strategy in place, your team will have everything it needs to ensure that you become a go-to security resource for events in your region.

Here are just a few of the top benefits of strong event security management:

1. The Latest Technology

One key attribute of strong event security management is that they utilize the latest technology available to ensure the safety of everyone at the event. For example, modern security software enables guards to upload photos and videos in real-time when reporting an incident, which gives management an instant understanding of what is happening.

By receiving a full picture of the incident in real-time, security management can then use their expertise to decide whether to relay their own instructions to the guard, send in additional guards to provide support, or contact the client for additional instructions.

The use of GPS tracking is another technology perk that strong event security management uses to their advantage. Thanks to GPS tracking, management can have a clear understanding of where each of their guards are patrolling at all times during the event. Should one of their guards require help, management can use this tracking data to contact the closest available guards for additional assistance.

2. Specialized Focus

The types of safety incidents that can occur at an event are quite different from what guards might encounter on an evening shift at a quiet office building. The best event security managers understand these differences and use their experience to adequately prep guards prior to their shifts.

This involves much more than simply providing a map of the facility. Each event has its own protocols on how to deal with rowdy attendees and other problems. At outdoor events in particular, security guards are often the first to respond to a sudden injury or illness.

Quality management will ensure that the best-trained guards are utilized for these types of events so that all incidents can be resolved as quickly and professionally as possible. In many cases, they will leverage the assistance of back office management software to guarantee that only guards who have the training and experience to handle these unique situations will be assigned to the event.

3. Trust and Transparency

While a specialized focus on event security and access to the latest in security management technology are great, perhaps the greatest benefit of strong event security management is the increased trust and transparency you can build with your clients.

Event clients don’t merely want to know that you have security guards patrolling various parts of the facility. They want to see that your company actually delivers value by improving safety and resolving incidents before they turn into major problems.

Strong event security managers use reporting software to optimize transparency with clients. Clients can receive real-time notifications when an incident is reported, while also getting informed when a problem is resolved or when their input is needed. Security managers can even use their software to impress clients with their ability to quickly handle incidents, as well as their dedication to using well-trained guards for each event.

This open communication builds trust with your clients and demonstrates your team’s ability to handle the various challenges associated with event security. And with this foundation of trust, your company will be the go-to source time and time again when security is needed for future events.


With the help of strong event security management, your company will be better equipped to utilize the latest in security technology, while also ensuring that your team is properly trained for the unique needs of an event. When you leverage these attributes for increased transparency with your clients, you’ll be more prepared than ever to build a successful platform for event security.