Anyone who manages a security guard company understands that managing security personnel isn’t always an easy task. From timekeeping to employee accountability, there are many factors that can hinder your ability to provide streamlined service to your clients. However, with the help of a modern, efficient security guard monitoring system, you can ensure improved performance from your guards and a positive outcome for your clients.

Here are five key ways that a security guard monitoring system can benefit your company:

1. Guard Accountability

One of the first major benefits of a security guard patrol monitoring system is that it significantly increases your guards’ accountability. Automatic timekeeping, GPS tracking, and electronic checkpoints ensure that your guards are following shift procedures, showing up for their patrols on time, and performing all other duties. High-tech systems can even send automatic alerts when a guard fails to check in within a set time frame.

This accountability not only keeps your guards on track; it also provides much-needed peace of mind to your clients. With hard data to support your claims that your guards provide reliable service, your clients will feel more at ease and trust the work of your team.

2. Real-Time Reporting

A smart guard monitoring system doesn’t merely increase your team’s accountability — it also enables real-time reporting and communication, which can significantly improve your offerings to your clients. This is especially true when an incident needs to be reported. Rather than waiting to the end of a shift to file a report or attempting to describe a situation over the radio, modern monitoring systems allow your guards to upload photos and videos when reporting incidents.

These real-time communications can allow you to quickly assess the situation so you can offer additional instructions or notify a client. Real-time reporting allows you to quickly resolve any unforeseen situations and further illustrate your value to your clients.

3. Safety First

The tracking and reporting features of a security guard monitoring system can also ensure that your guards and your clients are protected. For example, a push notification indicating that a guard failed to arrive at their next checkpoint could alert you to a medical emergency being experienced by one of your employees. Or your guard’s ability to record video could allow law enforcement to identify and quickly apprehend thieves who broke into your client’s facility.

From protecting employee safety to providing an additional layer of security for your clients, the tracking and communications elements of a high-quality monitoring system can have a big impact on physical and financial safety for everyone involved.

4. Remote Management Capabilities

Managing large teams of security guards who work at several different facilities can prove to be a significant challenge. From scheduling shifts to sending reports to clients, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of any security company–and a lot of it can be quite time-consuming. Monitoring software can simplify and streamline your back-office operations by automating many of these tasks and enabling improved communication between the office and your guards.

With a streamlined, automated scheduling and communications platform, your team can avoid shift scheduling errors, communication mishaps, and other common issues that can disrupt your ability to deliver reliable service to your clients.

5. Data-Driven Decisions

It’s no secret that every company has its strengths and weaknesses. Identifying what areas need to change isn’t always as easy — especially when it comes to your security team members.

With a remote monitoring system, however, you gain access to data that will allow you to identify top performers, as well as guards who aren’t providing very good work.

Instead of sifting through mounds of paper to discover this information or wasting time on repetitive, mundane management tasks, reports are automatically generated to help you identify team strengths and problem areas.

This makes it easier to plan for additional training, as well as the need to hire (or fire) new staff so you can deliver better results.



With a high-quality security guard monitoring system, you will be better equipped than ever to improve your guards’ work efforts, provide office support, and create an efficient work environment that will allow you to offer superior service to your clients.