An increasing number of security companies are using dispatch management software these days, and you’ve probably wondered what all the fuss is about. What is it that is causing so many to proclaim that this technology service is a must-have for every security company?

There are a few key benefits of dispatch management software that highlight how this new technology can have a positive impact for security teams both large and small.

Here’s a closer look at what computer assisted dispatch has to offer:

1. Improved Oversight

One of the first benefits of a dispatch management software is its ability to provide your management team with vastly improved oversight of your guards. Dispatch software uses GPS tracking and other smart technology tools so that your management staff is always aware of the location and status of your field team.

This tracking system allows your dispatch team to more effectively optimize patrol routes, providing structure and accountability to your guards to generate better results.

More importantly, the use of this technology can significantly improve communication between field workers and your office staff. Smart technology supplies real-time status updates regarding task completion, while the live dashboard enables management to submit new assignments with a single click. Automatic notifications can even be sent to your clients for greater transparency.

These oversight systems ensure that guards follow all required protocols for their shift, improving accountability to your clients so you can keep their business.

2. Rapid Response

When the unexpected happens, the ability to provide a rapid response can make all the difference. Dispatch management software helps your team accomplish this with several key features.

In many instances, modern software has played a key role in helping dispatch teams discover a serious issue. Status warnings that are delivered in real time on the active dispatch screen enable management to quickly identify and assess emergency calls, alarm triggers, service requests, and other causes for concern.

These notifications can alert dispatch to an emergency, even when there isn’t a guard on-site to report the incident. GPS integration subsequently ensures that dispatch can pinpoint both the location and nature of the problem.

Once an issue has been identified, the live dashboard allows dispatch to quickly assign a guard to the location based on their current status and ETA. Two-way communication channels subsequently provide the officer with any needed information to resolve the problem effectively. This enables the team to address the situation as quickly as possible — and in moments where every minute counts, this can make all the difference.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

Another key benefit of modern dispatch management software is that it is built to grow alongside your workforce. This scalability ensures that even as your client base grows and as you hire more guards, your management system will still be able to effectively manage scheduling and shift monitoring so you can deliver superior results.

Even more importantly, your software can be adapted to meet the unique needs of your security firm. Advanced scheduling options allow you to manage key tasks that are important to maintaining a satisfied client base, such as ensuring that certain shifts are only made available to guards with the right qualifications and security clearances.

Ultimately, everything from reporting to workflow can be scaled and customized according to your firm’s needs, ensuring that you can achieve healthy, sustainable growth.


The advantages provided by a dispatch management software will allow your security company to work more efficiently than ever before, allowing your team to respond quickly and appropriately to any situation while also better managing client and guard communications. With the assistance of a quality dispatch system, you’ll be well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities facing the modern security industry.