As anyone working in the security industry knows, managing employee shifts can be one of the biggest challenges holding you back from keeping your clients 100% satisfied and becoming a dynamic, fast-growing business. With a solid shift management software (or scheduling software) on your side, however, your company can become more efficient, deliver better results to your clients, and increase efficiency and  ultimately profitability.

Here are some of the top ways that modern shift management software allows you to tap into these benefits:

Reduced Labor

Quality shift management software helps your scheduling team save time by automatically carrying information over from prior weeks (template view). Advanced software can even utilize employee availability and client requests to alert your scheduling staff when there is a conflict. By using an easy-to-read interface and a drag-and-drop method that allows users to quickly adjust schedules when necessary, your team can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent with scheduling and have more hours available for activities that will actually grow and improve your business.

Remote Access

Few things are more inconvenient than having a guard call in sick when you’re the on-duty supervisor or your mobile scheduler are out of the office and unable to update the shift schedule. Modern shift management software circumvents this common dilemma by allowing users to access schedules remotely – even from their tablet or smartphone. This enables your team to quickly determine which guards are available to fill a slot and make other adjustments as needed. Even more importantly, this scheduling software automatically contacts your guards via push notification, email, or text message so they don’t miss a shift.

Minimize Errors

Few things are worse than scheduling the wrong guard for the wrong shift – or worse yet, accidentally scheduling a guard who is unavailable for a particular shift. It is also important to avoid double booking two guards for the same shift! Quality shift management software alerts your office team of approved time off requests and other availability notices so they will always be able to assign the right guards to the right shifts. Some systems even allow guards to submit requests to trade shifts, quickly relaying these requests to management for approval. By presenting this information alongside client needs, your company will be able to reduce human error and keep your clients happy.

Data Access

Proper scheduling can define the financial success of your company. Modern scheduling software connects with payroll, invoicing and other vital areas of your business so you can see how many hours each of your guards already has scheduled during a particular week. This enables you to reduce overtime, which can lead to significant payroll savings. This data also allows you to determine if a particular client is causing you to lose money, or if certain guards’ performance is not up to site standard, client or your expectations and your service level agreement leaves something to be desired. With this information in hand, you can make smarter decisions regarding guard hiring and retention, as well as how you work with a particular client.

Overall Growth

By reducing your operations team’s labor hours devoted to scheduling, eliminating human error, and providing useful data and remote software access to your team, a great scheduling software can dramatically improve your entire company’s performance. With a more efficient admin and ops teams, you will be better equipped to deal with unexpected problems that arise with your guards, reduce many of the expenses associated with scheduling, and provide superior service to your clients. With the help of solid shift management software, you won’t only be able to improve service for your current clients – you will also be in the perfect position to grow your business and achieve new levels of business growth and profitability.

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