Scheduling is, frankly, not a difficult process to understand. It involves communicating with the right guard, then getting them to the right place at the right time. Pretty basic when you look at it like that!

In reality, though, security guards can be hard to get in touch with. They have different profiles. They have been trained at different sites. Different sites require different skill sets. For these and many other reasons, scheduling is complex,  often repetitive, and there are many moving parts. The toughest aspect of the task is that some of the moveable parts change.

Fortunately, there is a better way to schedule your guard force.

Why Automate?

Automating your scheduling with the latest industry-focused software will make your operational life a whole lot easier and more efficient because you will be able to:

1. Assign the right guard

Not every guard is the right fit for every site, and not every site is the right fit for every guard. You need to be able to efficiently source the right guard for a site based on their skills and attributes. By automating the identification of skills and attributes, you drive efficiency.

2. Communicate in a timely way

Thanks to the IoT, mobility, and general connectivity, we live in the age of real-time, 24/7 access. I know that the security industry is often skeptical about change, but if we care about profitability and efficiency, we need to embrace new ways of doing!

Your staff wants to receive and confirm their schedule in the format that suits them best,  whether that be SMS, email & web. Get the schedule in your guard force’s hands according to your priorities and their communication preference.

3. Count on accuracy

The schedule has to be accurate. Your guards depend on it as do your clients. Clients pay their bills based on the guards’ schedule and they want it to be right. We all hate receiving an invoice that needs correction. Enter data once not first into scheduling and then into a billing software.

4. Drive efficiency

Face it: As you grow, you can no longer rely on in-house scheduling “tools” or worse — a spreadsheet or paper-based schedule. Enter scheduling data once and have that data transfer to other downstream systems like payroll, billing, accounting, etc.

Once your scheduling team is working with the latest industry-focused software, your people can choose the appropriate view (rolling or master) and focus on anomalies, book offs, and vacations as opposed to constantly repeating the everyday transactions.

For those that are not aware, TrackTik introduced a Back Office Management Suite as a more efficient way to run your security company’s administration. We wanted to address security industry automation all the way from the front line (Guarding Suite and Mobile Patrol Suite), which focuses on security data, to the back office, which focuses on business intelligence and efficiency.

TrackTik enables security service companies to streamline administration, schedule efficiently, reduce invoicing time, and, as mentioned, measure security business performance.

The suite’s ultimate goal is to empower your team to focus on delivering quality services which deliver on your promises to clients.

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