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What’s in it?

  • Outline services provided to your clients such as hourly guarding, patrols, and fixed recurrent items
  • Master site billing - bill multiple sites or a single site
  • Define each client’s payment terms using Payment Terms
  • Revenue forecasting based on billing period analytics
  • Email invoices to clients or post them in the client portal
  • Monitor client accounts, including outstanding invoices and credit memos
  • Customize your invoice logo and tailored billing items and add adhoc items
  • Define dedicated guard positions and patrol groups by pay, billing, and holidays

What’s in it for you?

  • Benefit from fully controlled processes
  • Rely on a central repository of information
  • Ensure that renewals are made on time
  • Support compliance with legislation
  • Clearly identify client relationship ground rules
  • Get complete visibility for contract details
  • Eliminate costly billing errors and increase client trust
  • Manage expected receivables based on billing periods

Measure profitability

Data captured in this module feeds the Business Intelligence tools and enables you, as the business owner or manager, to assess whether or not your accounts are generating the return on investment they should be.

Build from a solid foundation

Setting the ground rules shouldn't be complicated: The easy-to-use interface is activated by button presses and drop-down menus.Your security firm’s service types are identified, as well as the roles you will be providing at any given site. Commercial terms set up with your clients are then keyed in, along with items such as billing cycle and payment terms. Enter the data once and only update when there are changes.

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Increase efficiency

TrackTik is designed specifically for the security industry. Your administration staff will instantly recognize business terms and be able to automate contract and invoicing functions, thus helping you reduce the time, energy, and resources needed to manage the details of the client relationship.

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