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What's in it ?

  • Easily align payroll and accounting data
  • Enter data just once to reduce errors
  • Track holiday hours, paid time off, and overtime hours
  • Cater to client-specific billing requirements
  • Create multiple payroll cycles for different types of requirements

What’s in it for you?

  • Improve administrative efficiency
  • Automate the reconciliation process
  • Know which accounts are driving your business
  • Easily export approved payroll and accounting data
  • Catch conflicts and errors in payroll periods prior to processing

Pinpoint client profitability

Getting a handle on account-by-account performance is one of the goals of payroll and accounting integration. Achieve this goal by automatically connecting every transaction in the software to a job number and service location. Budget labor, materials, and other direct costs down to job level to monitor gross margin by account. With TrackTik, make smarter decisions, reduce costs, and maximize revenue opportunities.

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Enter data once and you’re done!

Client data is integrated with both operations and workforce management data in one seamless solution. Minimize the need for multiple reconciliation steps, and benefit from accurate information and increased efficiency.

Seamlessly manage cash flow

Connect the Back Office Management Suite to the general ledger software of your choice to measure everything, manage cash flow effectively, and manage financial transactions with surgical accuracy from the job level up. Having the flexibility to choose your general ledger software means that you can also generate powerful financial statements tailored to your needs. Book a Demo

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