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What's in it?

  • Full HR profile view
  • Shift publishing and acknowledgment options
  • Red Amber Green (RAG) indicators for guard availability
  • Customizable templates for automating recurrent shifts
  • Hard and soft requirements by site or guard
  • Integrated rules, matching processes, and audit capabilities
  • Shift Board and SMS Shift offers

What’s in it for you?

  • Improved efficiency and reliability with an all-in-one platform
  • Reduce data entry with automation
  • Contract driven scheduling with automated invoicing
  • Manage overtime and export payroll ready data
  • Full operations view and attendance monitoring
  • Increase employee engagement with streamlined shift confirmations, email distribution, and SMS shift bidding

Overtime Prevention

Costly overtime hours have always been a concern of the security industry. With TrackTik’s new Overtime Prevention feature, change the way you work and save significant costs in overtime hours by having the foresight to see where and when overtime hours are occurring, so you can make the necessary adjustments to save you money.

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Limit variables and drive profitability

TrackTik’s flexible and accurate security guard scheduling will allow your operations staff to easily make changes, manage book-offs, and control the what, how, and when guards are notified of their schedule. Accurately managing overtime can make the difference between a profitable and non-profitable month.

Always on site

Ensure peace of mind and deliver on client expectations. The Attendance module confirms whether or not an assigned guard is on time or late for a shift through real-time notifications.

With the Attendance Watch viewpoint, you can see who’s currently clocked in and which shifts are open. Quick shift scheduling also allows your operations team to quickly react to any scheduling issues in real time.

React in real-time

Information is power

Ensuring real-time visibility to all important scheduling data is paramount for the success of your business.
Automate timekeeping processes, control labor costs, and manage your workforce effectively with TrackTik’s security guard scheduling software.

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