Managing a security business, you may think that nothing could make your back office and administrative functions sexy. But what would you say to process automation that leads to happier staff, more satisfied clients, and better returns?

We can all agree that those things are must haves! So what do you automate, and how?

Start with the foundations of your business

Above all in the security business, you must do the fundamental things right: From schedules to contracts, you must get the right guard to the right site at the right time.To make your operation run more efficiently, you should automate the following mission critical items:

  • Scheduling. Build client-specific schedules with clearly defined roles and requirements.
  • Timekeeping. Track who works where and who best to schedule at what site to reduce unbilled overtime.
  • Contracts. Automate your commercial terms, client by client.
  • Invoicing. Get paid for the quality service that you and your team provide.
  • Approval & Audit. Pay your guards right the first time and limit turnover. Automate checks and balances to avoid costly errors.
  • Business Intelligence. Gain valuable business insight into key profitability indicators.

What should you expect from a process automation system?

As you evaluate different process automation systems, keep in mind that a well-designed User Interface—the space on the screen that guides your interaction with the software—allows you to:

  • Navigate easily through scheduling screens. A scheduler, supervisor, or operations manager should find it effortless to select the best available agent.
  • Switch quickly from “live scheduling” to “future scheduling”. While basing your decisions on compliance with post requirements, it should be easy to switch between scheduling right now (live scheduling) and scheduling for the future (template).
  • Identify promptly critical efficiency issues, such as unbilled overtime, unconfirmed shifts, required employee qualifications, and site rules. One look at the dashboard should tell all.
  • Manage inefficiencies proactively by being able to drill down into a shift, employee, or site.
  • Maintain better budget control by defining client contract pay rates and individual security officer pay rates.
  • Generate easy-to-view account profitability screens. They should offer granular details on how much you have paid in security wages versus how much you have billed your clients.
  • Communicate flexibly with staff. When confirming work schedules with front line staff, the system should have options for SMS, email, or phone contact. All confirmations should be automatically logged.

Say “hello” to TrackTik

If you are not familiar with TrackTik’s Back Office Management Suite, you should know that this security workforce management platform meets, and goes beyond, all these requirements. As a result, TrackTik transforms the administrative backbone of your company into a business tool that will gain you time, improve efficiency, and save you money while providing you with the data you need to leave guesswork behind and make better decisions.Moreover, when Back Office Management Suite is fully integrated with the Security Operations Guarding and Mobile+ Suites, you support your mission critical goal of getting the right guard to the right place at the right time. And you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the guard is following predetermined protocols.

Simply put, TrackTik’s Back Office Management Suite is a more efficient way to run your administration. To learn more about how TrackTik’s Back Office Management Suite can help you build a better business, please write to [email protected].