TrackTik has always been committed to creating an open and diverse company that celebrates and respects diversity. Meet Jerry R. Ishmael, a much-loved member of the TrackTik family, who brings intelligence, years of experience, and a great sense of humor to work every day.

What drew you to this industry?

I have always had an affinity for computers, technology, and gadgets for as long as I can remember. The knowledge that I could escape into another world and get answers over the internet easily always interested me. When I was working in the support and software fields, I was always using tech to make my job easier. I found ways to get more value out of my day and in turn help the company do things more effectively.

And even though this was not my field of study, I was always working with cutting edge technology. Prior to TrackTik, I was involved in various organizations all relating to technology while pursuing my studies at university. I was fortunate enough to work in the field at the same time. Eventually, I decided that I enjoyed how technology can be used to improve a business or a process, so I joined TrackTik to get up close and personal with a growing, energetic company that is making huge waves in an old industry.

What does it mean to be part of the technology community?

For me, being part of the tech community satisfies my desire to be at the forefront of technological progress in everyday human life. I am someone who loves to demonstrate to others how you can do the same thing a lot more efficiently or effortlessly by using the right technology. In today’s day and age, we hear that there is “no time” left for me or anything else once our priorities are taken care of. However, I find that a sorry excuse for people not taking the time and effort to learn how to utilize their time better. Everyone has the same 24 hours.  We are in the age of ‘low-code/no-code’ and I have always been an advocate to show users and businesses alike how they can benefit today if they are willing to work for it.

How does TrackTik help you to grow and be successful?

From the onset of my engagement here at TrackTik, I was entrusted with providing quality service and support to our clients with the full support of leadership. I like to say they provided me with an “entrepreneurial” spirit that gave me the freedom to get the job done as long as it contributed to the success of our clients’ businesses. At the time, I wasn’t sure what client success was but I soon realized that it was something I had always believed in. If your clients’ businesses grow and thrive, TrackTik grows and thrives. They win, you win. This is how TrackTik has helped me grow.

What are some ways to improve the diversity of the technology industry (black, women, LGBTQ+, accessibility restricted, and more)?

Organizations cannot simply talk the talk when it comes to diversity. Diversity is a broad topic so you need to go beyond the articles, reports, and news clippings. This process will look different for most organizations trying to achieve the level of diversity acknowledgment it seeks, but one thing is for sure they have to speak to all identified within the diversity cohort. I may not know what that means exactly but I know that embracing diversity and inclusion has to go beyond the HR team. It needs to be a company-wide initiative. It’s key for companies to reach out to the communities and organizations that also embrace diversity.