A few decades ago, the most common corporate security threats that businesses had to worry about involved vandalism, burglary, and other similar actions. With a robust security guard team and other physical security measures, companies could counteract these threats.

While physical security certainly still plays an essential role in today’s business world, the rise of cybercrime means there are new corporate security threats that all companies should be aware of. Failing to account for these new issues could result in wide-reaching consequences that could completely destroy your business.

Here’s a closer look at some of the top corporate security concerns you should watch out for.

1. Data theft

Data theft is one of the most alarming risks companies big and small face in the digital age. Most data theft occurs when a hacker gets into a computer system and uses a spyware program to gain access to credit card information and other personal data to make illicit purchases or conduct other identity fraud schemes. In other situations, inputting sensitive information into a site that doesn’t have a secure connection can also result in the loss of crucial data.

However, physical security issues can just as easily play a role in data theft. If unauthorized individuals are able to gain physical access to a computer lab, they might steal information or install a virus using nothing more than a USB stick. It can be all too easy for a data thief to sneak into a computer lab and make a copy of confidential files that they can use for their own purposes.

In addition to strong network security software, corporate managers would be wise to use physical security measures to prevent this type of data loss. Even something as simple as having a security guard check ID badges before someone gains access to computers with confidential information can reduce the risk of data theft. Naturally, after-hours patrols can provide a strong deterrent against those who may attempt such actions onsite when the office is closed.

2. Password protection

Passwords are essential for limiting access to company data — but all too often, employees will write their passwords on a sticky note and leave it taped to the computer. This violation of your cybersecurity rules will often go undetected or unreported by normal office employees until that sticky note goes missing — and by then, it’s too late.

Consistent security guard patrols that actively check for such issues is one of the best ways to ensure that passwords aren’t left out in a place where they could be easily stolen. Having security guards report these issues in their reports will increase accountability among the office staff and prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining easy access to sensitive information.

3. Internal leaks

Yes, even your own employees can pose a corporate security threat. When an employee develops malicious intent toward their company, one of the easiest ways for them to “strike back” is by leaking sensitive data onto the internet.

If an employee already has access to sensitive materials, no external hacking or malware is required. They may simply need to sneak a USB drive out of the office. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that companies carefully evaluate who gains access to secured information and establish clear information security policies.

Be careful as you set and monitor employees’ cybersecurity access levels, and work with your physical security team to ensure that items containing sensitive data aren’t removed from your facility. In general, you shouldn’t allow access to sensitive information unless an employee absolutely needs it to fulfill their responsibilities – research has found that upper–level management is generally less likely to leak sensitive information than lower–level employees.


Protecting your company’s digital assets and information requires more than firewalls and passwords. Yes, security cameras and guard patrols will make a difference as you try to prevent cybercrime-related issues. As you provide training to your employees and utilize the latest in cybersecurity technology, you will be able to keep your business safe.