By diversifying your security services, you can appeal to a wider audience and ultimately win more contracts. It is an exciting time to be a security provider, as technology is making it easier for companies to increase their offering while becoming more profitable.

Start With Adding Security Risk Assessments

Every security company should consider providing risk assessments as a fundamental service because they help to build an understanding of the business being protected by highlighting where potential threats lie.

When you do a risk assessment, you will be able to see what specific security needs a current or potential client has and how you can address them with the services you provide. Through a detailed evaluation of vulnerabilities and assessment of hazards, businesses can develop tailored strategies to mitigate risks, ensuring the protection of their assets, employees, and operations. Risk assessments may also identify gaps in your own firm’s portfolio of services that could be offered.

An initial assessment and property walk will not tell you everything you need to know about a new property. Therefore, you should consider conducting 30-, 60-, and 90-day risk assessment check-ins with every new client.

Use Advanced Technology for Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is one of the most in-demand security services requested today and for obvious reasons. It is great for clients because it usually has a lower cost. associated. It’s also great for security businesses because they can pay one security guard to patrol multiple locations at once.

This is made possible by utilizing video cameras, drones, robotics, and artificial intelligence to keep a close watch without needing a physical security guard on-site. This technology has become significantly less expensive and more readily available, making it an excellent new service to explore.

Win Smaller Contracts with Mobile Patrols

There are times when remote monitoring is not possible, but the customer might not be able to justify having someone onsite full-time. In these situations, mobile patrols have become a popular option.

A key factor for successful mobile patrol services is good private security fleet management. This includes managing your mobile patrol costs and knowing the best vehicles for private security.

Random or planned patrols help deter unauthorized actions and allow quick responses to emergencies. Adding advanced technology like GPS tracking and mobile reporting to your fleet improves patrol effectiveness and provides immediate updates to your team and clients. This approach not only makes operations smoother and more cost-effective but also shows clients your dedication to using cutting-edge security solutions.

Fulfill The Demand for Executive Protection Services

Evolving threats and escalating protests around the world have executives, including politicians, increasingly turning to private protection services for their safety. Whether it involves providing security during events or ensuring safety during international travel, executive protection services are in high demand.

Capitalizing on this trend presents a significant opportunity for growth and profitability for a security company. By offering premium executive protection services, you meet a critical need and position your business for success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Become A Full-Service Event Security Partner

For the same reasons mentioned above, event security needs are also increasing. Every event will have its own unique security challenges as organizers need to consider everything from emergency procedures during a natural disaster to crowd control during an act of terrorism.

You can become a strategic partner by offering several services, including conducting a risk assessment, building a security plan, and finally providing on-site security during the event.

For more insights on how to win event security contracts, check out our Ultimate Guide to Event Security.

Build Up Your Roster With Off-Duty Officers

Off-duty police officers, retired police officers, and veterans are significant assets to any physical security company. They have extensive experience and training, especially in skills like de-escalation and tactical communication.

Police officers and veterans also allow you to justify higher bill rates. However, remember you usually have to pay them more, too. Clients feel better about having experienced, highly trained security officers on the job and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Security Technology

The world runs on information, and your clients are no different. Offering security technology as part of your services provides you and your client with more information, which means better decision-making.

Security guard tour software is a great place to start if you lack physical security technologies. It will allow you to see what’s going on with your teams in the field and the data it collects will show clients that they are getting what they are paid for.

Explore Affiliate Service Partners

A solution for small security companies looking to add new services is to partner with other security companies that already offer those services—especially those that specialize in the specific services you want to acquire.

The key is to ensure that any security company you partner with aligns with your culture, values, and standards. Don’t settle for a company just because it offers the services you need.

If you need help finding companies to partner with, check in with your local and regional security associations, chamber of commerce, or even LinkedIn.

Take The First Steps to Expand Your Security Company Services

If you’re a private security company in growth mode, adding new services is one of the best ways to win new contracts and grow existing ones. Remember that it is crucial to do proper research before adding these services.

Check out a customer success story of how Rosa International Group was able to scale its security company business and increase the services it could offer with TrackTik.