The International Security Expo, formerly the UK Security Expo, is a 2-day exposition that brings together security vendors and experts from around the world to exhibit innovative security products and services. It is aimed at bringing an international audience to London to share best practices, new ways of thinking, game-changing processes and technologies that can support the community in charge of our security.

In this blog, Philip Ingram, MBE outlines what to expect from this global security extravaganza across the pond.

A global security melting-pot

The International Security Expo event will take place at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre on November 28-29 2018. Organizers are expecting around 12,000+ visitors to attend this year following the phenomenal success of last year’s event – an increase of 38%. There will be a number of country pavilions including USA, Canada, China, Israel, Singapore, Japan, and an EU pavilion that will house the ranks of 300+ exhibitors at the event. Some 1000 products are expected to be unveiled and there will also be subsidiary conferences on Hotel, Retail, Education and Night Time Economy Security.

Peter Jones, the CEO of Nineteen Events, the expo’s organizers said recently that the best way for him to make a difference as an event organiser is to establish ‘a platform that highlights innovation, enables the sharing of best practice, allows greater understanding between the public and private sectors and delivers some outstanding networking opportunities.’

As such, the event is organized to facilitate both learning and networking alike. The country pavilions will complement the various learning zones which will include an Exhibitor Live Demonstration area, a Drone Zone and a Government Agencies and Departments Zone, a Cyber, Intelligence and Information Security Zone, and a Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) Zone where things are going to get demolished!

Highlights from the International Security Expo

Like last year, the event will kick things off with the ‘Safer Cities Summit’ that will examine issues affecting UK cities. With the ongoing terrorist concerns in Northern Ireland and after the nerve agent attack in Salisbury recently, both Belfast and Salisbury will play a key role in this Summit.

Introducing the Revamped International Security Expo 2018
Introducing the Revamped International Security Expo 2018

This Summit will bring together Government agencies from across cities in the UK to study recent terrorist attacks and draw important conclusions from them. The tenacity of terrorist attacks in the country makes this a commendable step towards neutralizing terror threats.

One of the best ways to move forward and make a difference is to look after the next generation, which is why the Security Institute has decided to work with the International Security Expo to launch their ‘Next Generation’ initiative where a group of fifty 13-17 year old school children, including Volunteer Police Cadets, will receive a guided tour of the show. This initiative aims to demonstrate all the disciplines and diversity that the security sector can offer to the young minds of tomorrow.

Another standalone attraction at the ISE will be the ‘Protecting Urban Spaces’ feature – a piece of cityscape, built inside the exhibition hall with security capabilities integrated into it. This is something that can’t be missed as it will be over 300 sq. mile in size! Attendees will be able to experience first hand what it takes to protect crowded spaces.

Notable speakers and security influencers

The event will also host over 13 different conferences covering a wide variety of security-relevant subjects, delivering 55 hours of certified Continual Personal Development (CPD) training. Some of the highlights from these sessions will include:

The threats to national info space by JJ Patrick

Author of the best-selling book, Alternative War, Patrick will explore the weaponization and manipulation of data and how it is increasingly being used to attack the very fabric of our society. The Cambridge Analytica scandal and the alleged Russian interference in elections in the USA and UK are key examples of this growing problem.

Keeping Terrorism out of historic buildings by Fay Tennet

Fay Tennet, Deputy Director of Security at the Houses of Parliament or the Palace of Westminster, will discuss physical security challenges attached to public and historic landmarks. Earlier in the year, I had caught up with her to discuss the same issues where she identified ‘good recruitment, good training’ and the professionalization of security services as the keys to protecting nations and national heritage sites alike.

Considering Airports as Cities by Tom Willis

Tom Willis, the Head of Security at Heathrow Airport, treats Heathrow Airport like a mini city. The busy airport is not only a major transport hub as it houses retail outlets, banks, hotels, restaurants, bars and more. Heathrow serves a global population and is therefore exposed to many threats. His unique insight into what it takes to bring people, technology and procedures together in order to mitigate risk will be fascinating.

Is the internet of things really the internet of threats? by Tony Gee

Maritime threats are growing but the dependence on GPS and satellite technology has brought on further risks. In this session, Tony Gee, the Founder of Pen Test Partners, will show just how easy it is to hack the very systems that are supposed to keep global shipping safe and moving.

Importance of data sharing between security stakeholders in the transport industry by Mark Folmer

TrackTik’s very own, Security Industry VP, Mark Folmer will be looking at data-sharing across the industry and technology’s place in the security world. This is one of the biggest growth areas in the security arena but one fraught with regulation.

Why you should attend International Security Expo 2018?

This 2-day event is free for anyone who pre-registers. It will be teeming with opportunities for networking – a fantastic opportunity. Meanwhile, the learning experiences from the conferences should be an added bonus. Needless to say, this is an event that should not be missed.

Written by:

Philip Ingram MBE
Managing Journalist
Grey Hare Media Ltd
Twitter: @PhilipIngMBE