Of the many challenges you might face running a security company, few are more important than figuring out how to manage security guards. After all, as nice as it would be to simply hire some people and trust that everything from scheduling to accountability will run smoothly, experienced managers know this isn’t usually the case.

Thankfully, modern technology advances have made it dramatically simpler to manage teams of security personnel. Thanks to automated software, GPS tracking, and other key features, you can more effectively manage your team and deliver superior results to your clients.

Communications and Scheduling

Scheduling your security team’s shifts can be a time-consuming process, especially when your company still relies on paper products. Even digital spreadsheets can be difficult to manage. And of course, there’s also the challenge of ensuring that your guards are promptly notified regarding their shifts and any other important information related to their jobs. The last thing you need is for a guard to miss their shift due to a miscommunication from the office staff.

Modern software eliminates many of the challenges associated with scheduling shifts and communicating with your guards, which in turn allows you to streamline your operations and avoid costly mistakes.

With this software platform in hand, you can input vital information for each client, including any special requirements related to the shift. Your software can then match client information with information regarding your security guards and their abilities so that the right guards are automatically assigned to the right shifts.

This software also makes it easy for management to identify any potential issues with guard scheduling and reduce overtime and other easily-avoided expenses. Better yet, today’s software platforms allow your guards to receive automatic notifications via email or text message so that nobody misses a shift. By combining an automated process with human intuition, your team can streamline scheduling and guard communications in a way that will keep both your employees and clients happy.

AccountabilityHow to Manage Security Guards with Advanced Technology

Of course, anyone who knows how to manage security guards understands that employee accountability is vital for cultivating a top-notch team that will keep clients happy.

For your security guards, accountability generally comes down to two things: timekeeping and reporting. Paper reporting for clocking in and clocking out is rightfully being phased out in almost every industry. After all, paper reports are relatively easy to falsify, whereas an electronic check-in system cannot be lied to by the average employee.

Even after your guards have checked in, however, it can be difficult to know if they are actually completing their patrols like they are supposed to. This is where GPS tracking with software integration comes in. These systems track the movements of your guards at all times, providing an obvious indicator as to whether or not a patrol is being completed properly. Automatic alerts can even notify you when a guard is not following protocol so you can check in and respond to problems quickly and effectively.

Modern tracking can also be extremely beneficial for incident reporting. Smart technology enables guards to take photos, upload videos, and send notifications to management the moment an incident is identified. These technological features allow you to provide further instructions or support when necessary, helping your guards deal with the situation in a manner that will be pleasing to the client. These communications can also prove to make all the difference when an incident is disputed.

With the increased transparency and accountability offered by today’s software, your top guards will be pleased with the opportunity to show off their work ethic–while less-than-stellar employees will be motivated to improve their work. And your clients will have peace of mind knowing that your team is always up to the task.


With improved communications, scheduling, reporting, and accountability, modern technology makes it easier than ever to manage a security guard team. As you properly implement this technology in your business, you’ll be able to deliver better results to your clients, keep your guards happy, and put your company on the path to success.