How Opportunities in New Technology Can Benefit Your Physical Security Organization

New physical security technology has upended the daily routine of each security role, from the manager to the patrol guard.

But what do these new innovations have in common? They remove countless hours of manual tasks with smart automation. Whether on the frontline or in the back office, new physical security automation clears tedious paperwork from your schedule and improves every aspect of your business.

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Start by taking a closer look at how these latest physical security technology trends are impacting your guards on duty.

Improve the Operational Efficiently of Guards in the Field

Workforce management software is completely changing how physical security guards work in the field and how they report to supervisors and managers. When implemented, workforce management software completely overhauls your security firm’s method of communication and makes response management simple and easy.

Guard Patrol Software

Automate guard patrol with established markers at checkpoints along a set route. Guards gain the ability to confirm in real time that they’ve hit a checkpoint by scanning the marker in the field. They no longer have to document their patrol or report back verbally. It’s all automated.

Incident Reporting Software

The paperwork involved in proper physical security incident management is often tiresome and daunting from start to finish. Oftentimes, guards have to document an incident on paper, then hand off the paperwork to their supervisor or manager. In turn, they have to document the incident in their own records and eventually include it in a report for their stakeholders.

With incident reporting software, almost all of these steps are avoided and you gain the ability to significantly improve response times. A guard can pull up the incident reporting app on their phone and select “incidents and details” from the drop-down menu. They then submit their incident report in real-time, which is automatically logged for their superiors to see. The incident is instantly report-ready when review time comes around, saving several steps and a mountain of paperwork.

Asset Tracking

With asset tracking, there’s no need to waste time hunting down keys, equipment, electronic devices, and more. You can see at all times who has checked out what and when they did so, taking the mystery out of where your assets are with the help of physical security automation.

It’s easy to set up this process, by assigning a barcode to each asset and having employees scan them in and out. This helps build a complete picture of your assets.

Improve Administration Efficiency

It’s one thing to overhaul your physical security tech on the front line, but covering your back-office needs with automation is another huge time saver. You’ll significantly streamline business processes in ways you didn’t think were possible. Better yet, when the two systems work together, you’ll be saving even more hours of paperwork, avoiding redundancies in data entry.

Automate HR, Payroll, and Your Back-Office

Managing an hourly workforce is traditionally filled with countless redundant tasks. But with smart automation infused into new security technology, you can streamline payroll, stay compliant, and effortlessly track shifts.

With the right security technology, your schedule can directly link to your payroll software while your guarding app can confirm shift completion. You can then start the payroll process with one click. New physical security tech will help with things like automating overtime calculations while ensuring you stay compliant.

Automate the Hiring Process

The security industry is notorious for high turnover. Anything you can do to streamline the hiring process will take painful hours from your human resource team’s day-to-day.

Talent Management Solutions

Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically post to top job-listing websites and automatically filter candidates who meet certain criteria in one easy-to-view place? The newest talent software makes such automation possible. It can even keep track of interview progress and send out offers to the right prospects in a timely manner, making for an elevated hiring experience.

Better Manage Your Clients

To keep your clients happy, they need to trust you and your services. That includes providing reliable guards, verification of services, frequent communication, and mistake-free invoicing.

Automate Invoicing and Contract Creation

Billing software can automate both contract creation and invoicing processes. Using billing software, you can fill out all the details, such as billing rates and services to be delivered. This information can then carry over into your scheduling.

Once the services are complete, billing software will automatically invoice at the agreed-upon rate and provide reporting to verify with your client that you completed your services. You will be asked to review any exceptions before sending the invoice.

This is how you build trust with your client. Offer a reliable service that can be verified by the use of physical security tech.

Optimize Your Full Operation with Business Intelligence

New security technology powering your security business means that you may have a lot of data coming in from every area of your business. From your frontline guards to your back-office administrative staff, more information is being captured that can be used to drive the growth of your business.

Gain Insights Into Your Security Business

The sheer amount of raw data that is generated as a result of using elevated software solutions can be overwhelming, but with business intelligence tools, you can turn an incomplete picture into actionable insights. Do you have excess overtime hours at specific sites? Are there recurring incidents in areas that aren’t covered by patrols? Business intelligence tools can highlight these problem areas, allowing you to make cost-saving moves while providing better service.

Interactive Reporting

Want to compare incidents happening at different sites in a specific month? Interactive reporting provides you with the information you’re looking for in the format you want it in. Coming up with valuable insights you can share with stakeholders has never been this easy. Plus, it positions you as a partner when occupying any seat at the table.

Dynamic Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards can provide a quick view into your KPIs, relevant business trends, overall performance, and whatever else you need to get a snapshot of when determining how your security business is doing. Having a dynamic dashboard can give you the daily motivation needed to push your security business’s growth to the next level.

Physical Security Technology is Bringing Critical Automation to the Security Industry

In addition to saving security businesses time and money, new security tech is increasing the quality of service provided by firms around the globe. More and more clients are getting high-end treatment as a result of security firms using security workforce management software. This has allowed firms to provide reliable service, invoicing, and reporting as proof of a job well done.

Automation has enhanced service deliverability standards and security businesses are reaping the benefits as a result. While the administrative (and highly important) work becomes less redundant, security professionals gain more time to focus on higher-level planning and can carve new paths to grow.

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