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7-Point Safety Checklist for Security Guards

The pandemic has impacted virtually every industry in the U.S. including the professional security services industry. Since the start of the pandemic, security officers have been on the frontline, providing essential services in difficult circumstances, increasing their occupational risk of COVID-19 exposure due to their frequent interactions with the public as part of their routine…

The Importance of Increasing Community Security
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4 Ways to Justify Your Security Budget in the New Normal

Despite the daily reminders of increased security here and around the world, justifying your security budget in the new normal may not be as easy or straightforward as it looks. Typically, security operations have been one of the most common departments scrutinized when the annual budget review comes around.

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Lightening the Load: Changing Attitudes towards Private Security

Whether they’re standing guard at the 24-hour grocery store, screening your carry-on at O’Hare, or accompanying Meghan Markle and her dogs on a walk through a forest of Douglas fir trees, private security guards have been a common sight all over the world for decades. And while the private security industry has changed over the…

Email Preference Centre
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Introducing TrackTik 360

TrackTik’s 360 degree approach focuses on delivering the best possible solutions and offers added value to our security organizations and their clients by building relationships with strategic partners that offer a wide range of technology solutions to extend the power of TrackTik products and help you run smarter businesses. With TrackTik’s 360 solution, you’ll be…

TrackTik 360
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