On-the-job vehicle crashes cost U.S. employers $25 billion annually and are the leading cause of workplace injury, accounting for 22,000 deaths between 2003 and 20141. Furthermore, the crashes impact business through lost productivity, medical and worker’s compensation, and liability as well as reputational damages.

If you are thinking “these numbers are alarming,” they absolutely are.

Anyone who has worked in the security industry knows that Security Patrol and Alarm Response vehicles are definitely not immune to accidents. As a security business owner or the manager of an in-house security team, you want to prevent accidents from happening.

Here’s how different functions of a great security workforce management platform can support your driver-safety program:

Skills and Attributes

  • Ensure employees have valid driver’s permits with the required classifications. Be alerted automatically if these are about to expire.
  • Confirm that drivers have the proper insurance coverage.
  • Log and track all training in defensive driving, emergency-response driving, etc.
  • Automate tracking of the driver’s record for the year prior.


  • Adopt procedures for inspecting vehicles and recording anomalies in the customized vehicle reports.
  • Send automated reporting of issues directly to the person(s) responsible in real time.
  • Track reports by vehicle; address issues quickly so as to avoid preventable accidents.


  • Review the trends of wear and tear as well as accidents involving company vehicles.

GPS Tracking and Panic Button

  • Stay informed of vehicle routes in real time and be alerted if an accident happens.
  • Instruct employees to hit the panic button if they are involved in an accident.


Because this was the procedure in place for a TrackTik client, the driver’s triggering of the panic button allowed for a rapid alarm response from the supervisory team. Once onsite, they supported emergency care for the injured employee and secured company property, including client keys and access cards, all of this within 30 minutes.

If you are not sure about how to implement these suggestions, remember that as a “Powered by TrackTik” security service provider you can consult TrackTik University, right from your platform.

Not a TrackTik user? Contact us for more information or visit our Security Patrol module page.

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