For security business owners, it’s critical to showcase your services to potential customers or leads. Despite the challenge—61% of salespeople report it’s harder to reach customers now compared to five years ago—it’s possible and can give you a competitive edge with the right strategy.

This article provides a list of prospecting resources for various industries that your physical security company might serve. Towards the end, you’ll find extra sales and marketing tools to help you and your sales team as you pursue new bids.

The tools and resources listed below are a mix of paid and unpaid options.

Local & General Resources

These resources can be used to research the specific area that your security company services and potential prospects and local businesses in need of security services.

Use social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to network with your communities to build trust and awareness of what you offer.

Residential Resources

National and local apartment associations can be great ways to get directories of the surrounding residential properties in the areas your security company operates in. Regional security associations are also another great way to network with potential clients.

Commercial/Retail Resources

Commercial and retail properties can be harder to track down but similar to residential associations, there are some great commercial/retail associations that can help guide your sales team to new potential clients.

Hospitals, medical facilities and assisted living homes have a great need for physical security services. Using these resources can help to start identifying these types of facilities in your area to grow the industries you serve.

Additional Sales & Marketing Resources

Check out additional insights into winning new business for your security company and how to position yourself for success in securing new contracts.

Navigating the competitive physical security market might seem challenging, but by leveraging the right prospecting tools and strategies outlined in this blog, your security company can effectively reach and connect with potential clients across different sectors.

By employing a mix of local, residential, commercial resources, and integrating sales and marketing tactics to refine your approach, you can position your business for growth and success. Utilize these insights and tools to enhance your client base and secure new contracts with confidence.