You may be asking yourself, “How do I get there? I want those results too!”; the answer is within our intuitive solution to optimize your business paired with our skilled Training and Implementation team. We set you up for success from the very first interaction by defining your goals and subsequently aligning your implementation plan to meet those business objectives.

It’s been seen, time and time again, organizations who do not define and follow a software training and implementation plan are likely sabotaging the long-term value of their new system and are wasting their money and resources in the process. It’s a known statistic that 70% of all organizational change projects fail. This figure was first reported by Hammer and Champy a while back in 1993 and, unfortunately, 27 years later even with many technological advancements, recent reports confirm that this statistic hasn’t changed by much – but there’s a reason behind that.

Too many companies focus on “closing the deal” and not what follows after the deal is closed. We often see companies offering “free onboarding”, which sounds like a great deal in theory. Sadly, it is often common practice for software vendors to discount the importance of a successful implementation. In these scenarios, buyers are then left to their own devices to learn the system on their own and are then expected to successfully train their teams. If they make it that far, they are then struggling to realize cost savings and business optimization through their new software.

That’s a lot to do on your own – and while some companies are comfortable with and properly equipped for that approach, (see our Self-Onboarding plan below; in which we still don’t leave you totally on your own!) we want to make sure that you are completely at ease and know all of the ins and outs of our system by offering the right training and guidance for your business.

We’ve created three different types of training to best suit your organization’s needs while implementing our solution as optimally as possible.


If you are ready to hit the ground running and want to learn the platform on your own time, we offer a Self-Onboarding option. With Self-Onboarding, we offer video training, detailed documentation, and Q&A sessions with a Training and Implementation Specialist. Even if you decide to go with our Self-Onboarding package, we never want you to feel that you are completely on your own.

90 Day Success

Most of our clients opt for one of our 90-day training packages. We offer different packages to suit operations of varying sizes. Your implementation experience will be curated by our Training and Implementation team. Your dedicated Training and Implementation Specialist will start by working with you to define your goals and identify your internal change agents. They’ll then guide you through an immersive sequence of training and coaching sessions—that have been carefully developed through client feedback—to ensure that your team is properly set up to use TrackTik.

Custom Plan

For large-scale rollouts or projects with custom interfaces, our Pre-Sales Engineers, Project Managers and Training and Implementation Specialists work with your team during the sales process to define a plan that will meet your implementation needs. We collaborate with your team to define a strategy that will ensure nationwide success in using TrackTik, making sure to include change management best practices, which we then put into action once the implementation is kicked off.

Whichever approach you decide on, from our first interaction with you through to your adoption of the system within your organization, our Training and Implementation Specialists are equipped to ensure that TrackTik has a measurable impact on your operations based on the success metrics YOU define.

At the end of the day, our goal is simple: we want you to experience success as soon as possible with TrackTik so that you can ultimately run a smarter business.