With TrackTik, you can now log in once and get one-click access to all the resources you need to do your job and connect to the TrackTik Guard Tour portal through a cloud-based single sign-on.

Single sign-on is a user authentication service that lets users securely log in with one set of login credentials – for example, a single ID and password – to access multiple applications.

Single Sign-On eliminates the need for system administrators to provide their own ad-hoc login systems allowing users to log into multiple unrelated websites without needing a separate identity and password for each website.

To use TrackTik’s single sign-on, simply login to the Guard Tour portal through SSO providers. At the moment, we support Okta (which can be found on the Okta Integration Network OIN) and other providers through manual setup with Professional Services, as well as other SSO providers as long as they support Open ID — an open standard and decentralized authentication protocol which allows users to be authenticated using a third-party service.

Benefits of TrackTik’s Single-Sign On Capabilities

  • Reduces password fatigue
  • Simplifies username and password management
  • Improves secure identity protection
  • Reduces security risks for your internal employees or external partners
  • Provides increased speed and agility when trying to use the TrackTik Guard Tour app or portal

To  learn more about TrackTik’s new single-sign on feature, contact your Customer Service Manager.