One of the golden rules of business ownership is ensuring that your bottom line is always in tune with goals and productivity. You hear it mentioned, and no one will disagree: maintaining a healthy bottom line is one of, if not the most important, keys to success. Without a healthy security bottom line you can’t deliver the services you want: simply because you’ll be out of business.

The conundrum of leadership is keeping up with all of the best practices, as fast as they evolve and maintaining a stability that grows your profits, reputation and the confidence of  your stakeholders. In an industry where margins are low, security professionals must find the most efficient ways to get the most out of every dollar they spend.

Time is money

Three Major Ways That TrackTik Can Boost Your Security Bottom Line
An integrated software solution gives you data at your fingertips.

With an integrated software solution, you’ll have pertinent and integral data at your fingertips to help identify ‘weak links’ and procedural deficits. Incident reporting is comprehensive that you can actually pinpoint patterns and vulnerabilities in moments. This allows you to act with confidence and allocate resources only where they are needed.

You’ll have the foresight to see when and where overtime hours are occurring with ease. You will have access to real-time guard availability and ensure work is spread evenly across your team. The most obvious yield is that of money-saving solutions. Solutions that allow you to pinpoint overhead costs and overspending. Cumulatively, the time saved by streamlining these operations will also save you money. Because as the adage goes – time is money.

Cultivate accountability

The key to your operations is your front-line workforce.  Tasked with sensitive and essential responsibilities, officers have to understand client care, safety and procedural consistency.

Traditionally, these elements of your force are monitored the ‘old fashioned’ way: pen to paper, logs on clipboards, or at best, spreadsheets. Streamlining the tracking of frontline activities introduces a fool-proof tool for accountability.

TrackTik facilitates activity tracking and allows for real-time reporting. You’ll know when staff hasn’t shown up or a tour has gone unfinished; you’ll be able to more effectively manage personnel and maintain performance standards. No more fumbling with paper logs or overlooking important patterns. In turn, you can rest assured that your reputation will precede you, helping you to secure new business while retaining your current clients.

Information centralization: A cost-effective way to eliminate daily headaches of security management

You may still be in the habit of operating via non-automated processes. And that’s understandable: rolling with change while maintaining service standards is a serious challenge for the security sector. This new era of security threats has brought with it a broader range of considerations. From political protests to cybersecurity, the landscape has changed vastly in the last decade and continues to do so, daily.

The burden of rapid change is made larger when you are having to reconcile systems that are still manual and not integrated. Simply put: as the left hand works, the right hand is left in the dark.

Besides the headaches, this has a detrimental effect on your service standards and efficiency at all levels. TrackTik was developed with security’s biggest challenges in mind. The platform is designed to temper adaptation to new processes with the stability every security firm thrives on.

Powerful analysis at your fingertips (& made easy)

The best thing you can do for your organization is find out how to integrate new technology into your daily practices. Move into the future with TrakTik and lead the industry in resource, personnel and data management. Upgrades and improvements can be implemented in ways that will not compromise reliability.

With a workforce management software like TrackTik, mitigating risk could not be made easier. Now you can manage change with minimal disruption and maximum insight.

Data is gathered with no more complexity than ‘point and click’. With customizable layout options, you gain a deeper understanding of your profits and losses, and the ability to identify sites and sources of weakness and/or loss.