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Our Mission

is to develop & provide innovative SaaS solutions to help organizations worldwide compete and succeed in their industry.
To achieve our mission we've created a workplace of enjoyment, flexibility and constant contribution in a fun environment. We believe that engaged employees bring everything they have to work every day to make a difference and drive the success of our clients.

We challenge ourselves to continually innovate, be more efficient and develop best practices to exceed our client's expectations in a constant changing environment; that's OUR day-to-day.

Our vision

is to become the technology standard for the workforce management industry around the world.

We need the right person, someone who will utilize our 10 values to help make our vision a reality. Living those values each day keeps us excited to come to work and gives a meaning to every task we do.


Come be part of a vibrant culture. Expect to be challenged and to challenge the status quo.
We are looking for talented, driven, and passionate individuals to push boundaries to help make our vision a reality.

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Be Passionate: Success comes from being passionate

We are passionate about what we do and are looking for people that will push boundaries.

Fun is part of the journey: Be weird in your own way

We get things done while having fun.

Keep it simple: 1+1 = 2

We develop our tools with the user in mind.

Live with integrity: Be true to yourself

We are honest and transparent in everything we do.



Lead by example: Walk the talk

We believe that actions speaks for themselves.

Service excellence: If a customer is having a problem it's our problem

We constantly aim to go above and beyond client's expectations.

Take initiative: Stop sketching & start building

We are motivated to always deliver more.

Sky is the limit

Sky is the limit

Act as an owner: Would you do it if it was your company?

We put extra efforts into our work and we take results personally.

Build partnership: Great results come from teamwork & partnership

We work with people that help get the best out of us.

Achieve the impossible: Never lose faith in your abilities

We always try to think outside of the box by challenging the status quo.


We believe in a balanced lifestyle because happy employees are productive employees. That’s why we offer a healthy work environment and tons of wellness initiatives such as our in-house gym and our running club. We encourage you to stretch your legs in between two meetings and reboot your energy!

Here, we invest in your personal growth and well-being.

But... Why work at Tracktik ?


You get "hangry" hungry at 2pm? Relax, TrackTik has you covered.


We provide full benefits for you and your family including health & dental.

Continuous improvement

We want to help you grow. After all, your success is our success.

Have a blast!

With our ping-pong tournaments, company gym and monthly team building activities.

Stay in the loop

Every month, we enjoy bringing the entire company together for a good conversation about our results and priorities.

Are you more comfortable in your jeans?

No problem, you can wear them every day.