Being able to be flexible and responsive to their clients is one of the driving factors in their success, so much so that the software they use must also be able to shift and adjust based on what they have agreed to offer their client.

“We’re the vendor who’s like, ‘whatever you need, we’ll do it for you’. We conform very much to our clients,” explains Jacob Bliss, Director of IT for Admiral. “We’re very committed to—at the end of the day—what our clients need and what our clients expect from us, and so we look for software that is willing to adjust for us to fit those requests.”

The Case for One Solution

When Bliss joined the team about four years ago, there was an immense need to cut down on the amount of software they were using just to run their day-to-day operations. He explains that they were using multiple solutions to tie together their security operations, payroll and field reporting⁠—this brought up pains such as data duplication, extra operational costs and an inability to seamlessly integrate data in order to provide live reporting. Bliss’ main challenge was coming up with a way to unify their systems in order to accelerate growth and gain business intelligence.

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