Champion National Security prides itself on always putting the customer first. They have continued to remain close to their grassroots heritage and service-oriented business model. This unique management structure was built with security professionals who have helped to construct the company from the ground up. Champion’s approach is to provide multiple points of customer contact (at both local and corporate levels) in order to provide proactive solutions.

Champion had their sights on continued growth and expansion. Jason Carroll, President of Champion, knew he wanted to “become the largest privately-held security services provider in America” while, “maintaining the reputation of caring for our employees and providing service better than anyone else.”

Carroll has a personal and vested interest in the firm: its management was passed on to him by his father who started Champion, 37 years ago. Since its inception, here is what the firm has been consistency focused on:

  • Improving response times to be quicker and more effective than competitors
  • Delivering stellar flexibility that meets customers’ needs
  • Fostering a healthy organizational culture and shared goals

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