Selecting the right security rostering software for your company isn’t always an easy task, especially if you aren’t sure what the word “rostering” means! For readers in Canada and the United States, rostering is another term for scheduling that is mostly used in the United Kingdom. But whether a particular piece of software advertises itself as security rostering or security scheduling, it is essential that you don’t settle for subpar software.

While selecting high-quality software can help your company become more efficient than ever, difficult-to-use scheduling packages will only hurt your ability to attract and retain clients.

Here are five things you should avoid when selecting security rostering software for your company:

1. No Integration

Security rostering software should simplify the responsibilities of your back office management team, not complicate them. Unfortunately, some software packages do just that. Rather than intertwining scheduling, payroll, reporting, and other key features into a single software package, some software offerings don’t share information between these important areas. When your team is forced to manually transfer information from the security rostering software to a separate payroll package, this will only add to their workload and decrease their efficiency.

2. No Modern Tech

Part of the reason you’re investing in security rostering software is to bring your security firm into the modern age. This means your scheduling software should allow you to do much more than simply print out a schedule. If your scheduling software doesn’t provide the opportunity to contact guards, office staff, and clients via text message, email, or push notification, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Our on-the-go society also requires more flexibility in the workplace. It isn’t unusual to need to access schedules or other important information when you’re outside the office—but if your new software doesn’t provide remote access, you could find yourself unable to respond quickly and appropriately to emergency situations.

3. No Tracking

It’s not enough to assume that your guards will show up for their shifts simply because they’ve received an assignment. How can you hold them accountable and ensure that they are actually doing their job? Quality security rostering software uses electronic check-in points and GPS tracking to increase transparency and provide added confidence that your guards are actually doing what they’re supposed to. If your scheduling software doesn’t allow you to upgrade from a paper check-in sheet, you’ll be poorly equipped for holding your team accountable.

4. No Data

As helpful as it can be to automate your scheduling processes, your software will do little to help you grow your business if it doesn’t provide data and analytics. If you aren’t able to collect and analyze information regarding incident frequency or other issues, you won’t be able to adapt your shift scheduling to meet the needs of your clients. When this happens, your current clients will be unhappy with your team’s work, and you won’t be in a good position to pitch your security services to new clients.

5. No Customization or Support

Each security company is unique—so why should your security rostering software only offer a “one-size-fits-all” solution? Without custom solutions and training from your software provider, you’ll never be able to access the full potential of modern security rostering software. And if a software company doesn’t offer initial training or ongoing support for those inevitable moments when you’ll need help working with your software, you shouldn’t even consider their program. The last thing you need is to be stuck with a confusing interface and no way to figure out how to use it more effectively.


By keeping an eye out for these signs of problematic security rostering software, you’ll be able to avoid less-than-stellar software options and find a modern solution that works well for your company. With the right software in hand, you’ll be better equipped to serve your clients and reduce your operating costs!

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