Improve the Service of Your Mobile Patrol Security

Provide mobile patrol officers with the best routes, site-specific instructions, reassignment requests and more with a single software solution.


Live Dashboard

Make sure no incident goes unnoticed and emergency situations are dealt with promptly thanks to real-time tracking based on officer's GPS and travel times. 

Automate Workflows 

Set up alerts to control the time window for completing tasks, and align these to your SLA. Deliver a dispatch service that accurately mirrors your stakeholders’ priorities. 

Real-time Updates

Direct your workforce to address urgent situations with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Respond to the unexpected by informing your dispatchers in real time. 


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Having a cloud-based platform allows for faster, easier, and more flexible deployment and updates.

Cloud-based platform

Assign alarm response, emergency services, and service request calls based on your officer’s GPS location and travel times. 

Quick response

Define site-specific instructions by job type and set up tailored reporting requirements per task. 

Customized dispatch workflows 


Follow the progress of your mobile patrol security in real-time

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Jason Carroll, Vice President

Champion National Security

The product is always being improved and developed. TrackTik's state-of-the-art architecture is ahead of many others who use outdated coding languages and databases...we have a truly flexible end-to-end solution that will continue to meet our greatest business needs."

We have developed a true partnership, not just a software vendor.

The backbone of our business!

Implementing TrackTik has accelerated our ability to provide specific data to clients in a structured and efficient manner so clients can make educated decisions based on concrete data. From implementation to roll out, Signal 88 Security has been using TrackTik as the backbone of our business.

Reed Nyffeler, CEO

Signal 88 Security

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