Guarding Suite
Back Office Suite

Live security staff scheduling & dispatching

How do you guarantee that you have the right security guard at the right site at the right time? And how do you deal with last-minute changes in availability and attendance?

With a live overview of your guard shifts, organize your operations with a convenient view of officer availability, time-log tracking, officer skill profile to post matching, and quick and easy communication.

With detailed schedule data at your disposal and built-in reactionary tools to manage shift exceptions, deal with interruptions quickly and save time on tedious manual rescheduling efforts.

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Vacant shift view

icon vacant shift view

Find the appropriate person for the post by matching skill requirements

Employee distance from site

icon employee distance

See how far your employees are from the site in real-time

Unconfirmed shift view

icon unconfirmed shift

See all the guards that have not yet confirmed their shifts

Skill requirement matching by post

icon skill requirement

Make sure your guard is qualified

SMS shift offering

icon sms shift

Automatically send a text message to guards to offer an available shift

Overtime prevention view

icon overtime prevention

Receive notifications when guards are scheduled for overtime hours

Employee availability

icon employee availability

See all available staff for a shift

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Error-free payroll & invoicing

With the Contracts & Invoicing Module, make sure you’re paying your officers at the right rate and on time while also taking into account overtime rules, rest periods, holidays etc. Improve employee satisfaction with payroll preparation that ensures compliance, accuracy and timeliness.

If you’re in the security business, connect your service contracts to your operations, break down your activities by type and hours to demonstrate service delivery and set up invoicing cycles that work for your customers.

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back office contract invoicing

Customizable price tiers

icon custom price tiers

Different pricing options for different services

Bill premiums

icon bill premiums

Add a premium on top of a rate

Client contract management

icon client contract

Adjust contract expiry per customer

Customizable billing recurrence

icon custom billing recurrence

Set the rules for when and how frequently your customers will be billed

Customizable payroll frequency

icon custom payroll

Adjust by weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly

Customizable post pay rate tiers

icon custom post pay

Different rate tiers per position

Back Office Suite for security company management

Simply put, TrackTik’s Back Office Management Suite is a more efficient way to run your business.

This groundbreaking suite enables security service companies to streamline administrative tasks, to schedule efficiently, to reduce time from operations to service invoicing, and measure security business performance.

Guarding Suite
back office data

Security guard services data

Get the full picture of your revenue and costs with robust data. Avoid unnecessary spending on overtime and make sure you can demonstrate value for investment and return on your budget. With TrackTik’s Back Office, you get complete clarity over your security operations from your front-line services to back-office functions.

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Sales-to-date charts

icon sales to date

Receivables for all invoices by date range

Sales per type info

icon sales per type

Revenue by service type or job description

Top 10 client lists

icon top 10 clients

List the customers generating the most revenue for the company

Aging summary

icon aging summary

Invoices by their status as current, late and past due

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