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The Benefits of Digital Transformation for Security Companies

For security firms, initiating a digital evolution involves incorporating emerging technologies such as AI and connecting various devices like surveillance cameras, access control panels, and alarm systems. This transition also involves modernizing manual or obsolete procedures by digitizing them.

digital transformation benefits
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How Lone Worker Protection Enhances Employee Safety

Implementing lone worker protection ensures continuous awareness of your employees' locations, effectively addressing the distinct challenge posed by lone workers in maintaining employee safety. It also provides them with a communication tool to signal any issues and alert you immediately.

How Lone Worker Systems Enhance Your Employee’s Safety
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Top 10 Security Company Marketing Tips

How do you market a security guard company, or more specifically, how do you win new clients for a security guard company? There is no single “right” way to market your security guard business; you need a unique and effective marketing plan. Utilize these marketing ideas to improve the marketing strategy of your security guard…

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Holiday Security Services: More Than A Seasonal Opportunity

Holiday season is here and for most that means it’s time to relax, maybe take a little year-end vacation, spend some time with family, go to parties and events, and do a little shopping. But for those in the private security industry the holidays can be the busiest time of year. Providing security services during…

Lone Workers: Staying Calm in the Eye of the Storm
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3 Ways Contract Security Can Improve Customer Retention

Recessions affect all industries, but it seems like the physical security sector is affected from two sides. On the one side, supply chain disruptions (a leading cause of the current economic situation) have limited companies’ abilities to procure equipment and supplies. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports an 8.3% price increase on all…

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