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Top 10 Security Company Marketing Tips

How do you market a security guard company, or more specifically, how do you win new clients for a security guard company? There is no single “right” way to market your security guard business; you need a unique and effective marketing plan. Utilize these marketing ideas to improve the marketing strategy of your security guard…

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Who’s Protecting the Security Officers?

The state of California has some of the country’s most aggressive restrictions on firearms, requiring background checks on individuals who attempt to buy guns and ammunition, banning firearms that are considered assault weapons, and limiting magazines to 10 bullets.

Security Guard on Patrol
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4 Ways to Justify Your Security Budget in the New Normal

Despite the daily reminders of increased security here and around the world, justifying your security budget in the new normal may not be as easy or straightforward as it looks. Typically, security operations have been one of the most common departments scrutinized when the annual budget review comes around.

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