Companies are facing a surge in lawsuits for failing to correctly compensate employees for their break times. Recent years have seen a noticeable uptick in these legal challenges, with hundreds of lawsuits being filed annually, compelling businesses to reckon with complex meal and break compliance laws that differ slightly between provinces.

Following the standard set by Canada Labour Code, provinces have specific regulations governing meal break requirements, each with its fine print that employers must diligently understand and adhere to. Here’s a breakdown of the federal regulations set by the Canada Labor Code.

These lawsuits are not just legal headaches; they represent significant financial liabilities, with many settlements reaching into the millions of dollars. For example, in some reported cases, class action settlements concerning break time violations have escalated well beyond $10 million, underscoring the severe financial implications of non-compliance.

The issue is heightened in sectors employing hourly workers, such as the security services industry, where break times are often scheduled around rigorous and demanding work periods. Security guards typically work extended hours under stringent conditions and are at the frontline of this issue. Firms that employ these workers face heightened risks if their wage and hour policies aren’t up to scratch.

In the security industry, vigilance and compliance aren’t just operational necessities—they’re legal requirements. Failing to adequately manage and track security guard breaks can lead to severe compliance issues and unfortunate legal consequences. TrackTik’s robust Break Management solution not only optimizes employee break scheduling but also helps protect against legal threats related to break regulation compliance.

Mitigate Break Regulation Compliance Risks with Precision and Ease

TrackTik’s Break Management isn’t just a feature; it’s a proactive defense mechanism that bolsters your security operations against the risk of exposure to costly legal challenges.

Each province has its own laws and legislation surrounding employee breaks and not keeping track of these regulations can leave you vulnerable to compliance mistakes or costly oversights. By automating your scheduling and timekeeping, and with meal break laws accounted for within a workforce management platform like TrackTik, you can be sure that your firm remains compliant with employee breaks and tracks them accordingly.

With the ability to configure customizable settings for your jurisdictions and break allowances, Break Management tracks all break activity in real-time, acknowledging interruptions and ensuring that guards can specify if interruptions are voluntary or work-related. You are provided with non-rounded, down-to-the-second records of actual break durations to generate detailed reports that prove compliance.

Tackling Compliance Through Detailed Tracking and Reporting

TrackTik’s Break Management encompasses a suite of features to ensure that every aspect of employee break times is meticulously tracked and adapted to comply with evolving legislation.

Here’s how TrackTik’s Break Management fortifies your operations:

  • Alerts for interrupted breaks. Quickly flag shifts where a security guard’s break has been disrupted.
  • Distinguishes voluntary from involuntary interruptions. Allow guards to categorize the nature of their break interruption, bolstering transparency.
  • Streamlines electronic waiver collection. In the case of voluntary interruption, TrackTik collects electronic waivers directly through the app.
  • Precise recording without rounding. Every break’s duration is recorded to the second, ensuring data accuracy for payroll and compliance purposes.
  • Smooth payroll and billing integration. TrackTik syncs with payroll and billing, streamlining financial processes.

Reducing Exposure and Liability Effectively

To help shield your security enterprise from the pitfalls of non-compliance and to limit liability, TrackTik’s Break Management provides sophisticated, intelligent workflows and accountability systems. These ensure that breaks are not just recorded but managed with a focus on legal defensibility and operational transparency.

  • Strategic Break Interruption Workflow. Should a break be cut short, TrackTik prompts guards to clarify the reason, categorizes it accordingly, and enables necessary follow-up actions.
  • Voluntary Interruption Accountability. The two-step confirmation process for voluntary interruption waivers mitigates the risk of disputes.
  • Exception Flagging. Easy identification of shifts with interrupted breaks prevents them from slipping through the cracks.

TrackTik’s Break Management system goes beyond adherence to laws—it builds accountability and protection for your security guards and your operations, paving the way for a healthier and legally secure workforce.

Exploring TrackTik’s Comprehensive Back Office Suite

Break Management is built in to our larger Back Office suite, with functionalities such as live security staff scheduling and timekeeping, error-free payroll and invoicing, and detailed compliance tracking.

TrackTik’s Back Office Suite ensures that all aspects of security guard management—from assigning the right guards to the right posts based on skillsets to ensuring accurate payroll calculations including break times—are handled efficiently in one unified system.

TrackTik’s Break Management not only enhances security guard welfare and compliance but also complements the Back Office suite’s ability to streamline administrative tasks, reduce operational times, and uphold service excellence across all facets of security management.

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