Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) work closely with security firms to ensure the safety of residents, visitors, and the community at large. With precision and accountability, TrackTik will give your invaluable insight into your entire field operation.

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Mobile Incident Reporting

Gain Visibility and Real-Time Intelligence on the Services Provided by Your Field Teams in Your BID

Go paperless and monitor every second of your field operations, track the live location of your team members, and capture the amount of work performed and the details of tasks and interactions. Give your team a tool to report on incidents from the field so that you can immediately react by dispatching the right person to the right place.

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Ensure Your BID Team’s Safety From Threats of Violence

Equip your team with the tools to stay safe and keep them informed on all the necessary details of their work environment so they can be on the lookout. With TrackTik’s Lone Worker features, you can keep an eye on your team while they keep an eye on the community.

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Live Dashboard GPS Tracking Reporting

TrackTik’s SaaS-based field service management software channels the power of data, analytics, and automation to help improve field operations in your Business Improvement District (BID).

Data Analytics

Uncover Insights About Your BID and Dispatch Field Teams Where Needed

Identify trends and problem areas to help you deploy your resources strategically and empower decision-making.

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Demonstrate the Value of Your BIDs Program to Stakeholders

Power your communications with data that illustrates the impact and value of the BIDs programs on the neighborhood community. Gather indisputable evidence of the work completed by your teams through timestamped before and after pictures in reports.

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Justification for Investment

With TrackTik, it’s easy:

manage programs

Manage your Homeless Outreach, Safety, Cleaning, Maintenance, and many more programs by quickly accessing key metrics to collect, track, analyze your data and create professional reports at the click of a button

observe team

Observe your field team in real-time as well as efficiently and effectively dispatch safety ambassadors to spontaneous incidents.

understand analytics

Better understand where a majority of incidents are happening through analytics and reporting

keep track

Keep track of your security detail in high-traffic areas of your district

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