How do you guarantee the safety of your lone workers?

In the past, security companies and other employers were forced to rely on little more than paper reports and check-ins via radio to know what was going on during an employee’s shift. Not anymore. Nowadays, the introduction of lone worker systems – which include GPS tracking and other key features – ensures that your workers are always safe.

Not anymore.

Nowadays, the introduction of lone worker systems – which include GPS tracking and other key features – ensures that your workers are always safe.

Here is how new technologies can make a difference in your lone worker management and help you meet industry safety standards.

How Lone Worker Systems Enhance Your Employee’s SafetyTracking and Automated Notifications

One of the most frequently highlighted features of lone worker systems is GPS tracking, which allows you to keep tabs on a guard’s location at all times. Many lone worker systems take things a step further with the implementation of geofencing systems and other alarm features.

For example, by establishing geofence boundaries for a particular site, your lone worker system will automatically notify you if a guard were to go outside their assigned area. This allows you to check in on your guard and make sure everything is okay.

Checkpoints along your guard’s route also make it easier to track their progress and safety. Lone worker systems can send automatic notifications when a worker reaches a checkpoint, or when they fail to show up on time. As with geofencing, this allows you to become aware of a potential incident, even if your guard hasn’t called in to report a problem.

For situations when your guard is in serious trouble, the inclusion of a panic button ensures that your guard can send an immediate alert to your office team. Your site-dedicated emergency contact can then take swift action to call emergency services and get the necessary support to your guard. Being able to respond quickly to this type of notification could very well save a guard’s life.

How Lone Worker Systems Enhance Your Employee’s SafetyDispute Resolution

The addition of video recording can also improve lone worker safety. For example, let’s say that one of your security guards encounters an intruder while on patrol. Rather than attempting to describe the suspect afterwards, they can instead activate their video recording to capture a clear image of the perpetrator. This not only helps law enforcement take proper action, but it can also protect your worker against legal concerns if there is a dispute surrounding the incident.

In situations where there are no other witnesses, both the nature of the incident and how your guard responded can be open to debate. This can sometimes resolve in serious problems for your company and your employee. If an employee who hurt themselves trying to run away after attempting to steal company property claims that they were manhandled by your guard when they were simply getting items out of their own desk, who is your client going to believe?

With a lack of proper evidence on your side, these types of situations can quickly devolve into a messy legal battle which will drain your profits and cause you to lose clients. With a lone worker system that utilizes video recording on your side, however, this won’t be the case.

On-demand video recording provides indisputable evidence regarding what your security guard saw and how they responded to a situation, ensuring that the truth comes out. If your guard responded properly to an incident, the video evidence will be more than enough to prove your case and protect both your company and your employee from any legal action.

How Lone Worker Systems Enhance Your Employee’s SafetyConclusion

By providing a reliable method of monitoring your guards during their shift, lone worker systems allow your business to operate with increased transparency and a better approach to guard and client safety. This offers great peace of mind to clients who might worry about introducing new guards at their facility, while also ensuring that your employees receive the additional protection and support they need.

With the increased transparency offered by lone worker systems, you’ll be able to improve efficiency, and ultimately, improve your bottom line.

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