Montreal, Canada – April 27, 2022 TrackTik Software, an innovative and fast-growing security workforce management software provider, today announced that it has been certified ISO-27001 Security and ISO-27017 Cloud Security following a rigorous assessment of its data security practices.  

“ISO-27001 Security and ISO-27017 Cloud Security are the leading international standards for managing information securely. In addition to our SOC 2 Type 2 Security Attestation, these two new certifications reflect our operational maturity as an organization and the high standards we hold when it comes to protecting our customers’ data,” said Pierre Vanacker, Chief Information Security Officer at TrackTik. 

Being ISO-27001 Security and ISO-27017 Cloud Security certified is a testament to how seriously TrackTik prioritizes data security. For its trusted clients, it ensures that TrackTik complies with strict industry standards for information security and stringently protects its customer data in the cloud. TrackTik distinguishes itself by continually providing the relevant expertise, policies, technologies, and people to build an even more secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud application. 

“When it comes to keeping our clients’ information secure, being certified as ISO-27001 Security and ISO-27017 Cloud Security demonstrate that TrackTik has invested in the people, processes, and technologies to protect our customers’ data,” adds CISO Vanacker. 

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About TrackTik
TrackTik was founded in 2013 and quickly established itself as a market leader with the mission to seamlessly connect humans, workflows, and systems to deliver a better way of working to the deskless workforce through relentless innovation and leading-edge software. Today, deskless workers represent 80% of the global workforce, and TrackTik strives to improve their lives by empowering them with thoughtful cloud-based technology solutions, transforming the way they work. TrackTik’s integrated suite of automated tools fluidly connects frontline operations and back-office management allowing managers to follow the progression of field workers, reduce manual tasks, lower cost, and demonstrate value. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in the United Kingdom, TrackTik’s seamless data-driven technology promotes operational efficiency and boosts deskless workers’ productivity, job satisfaction, and retention.