With security guard turnover rates reaching as high as 400% in the security industry, it’s important for security companies to be able to offer financial wellness packages to reduce churn. As part of its 360 solution strategy, TrackTik’s integration with Rain helps security service companies increase employee retention through workforce management automation by giving security officers control over their financial lives and receive the money they’ve earned without having to wait until payday. 

“TrackTik’s 360 robust solution suite and focus on helping security service providers create a value-adding service was consistent with how we were thinking about our merit to the industry.  A strategic partnership helps us solidify that strategy,” said Jen Terrell, VP of Employer Partnerships at Rain. 

Simon Ferragne, CEO at TrackTik Software, said, “Rain’s mission to regrow individual freedom by giving people control over their income and finances is another example of how we choose strategic partners who provide added value to our security service clients.” 

To find out more about the partnership, join TrackTik as they co-host a webinar with Rain to discuss how its cloud workforce management solution’s integration with Rain helps security service companies improve retention and workforce satisfaction. “Increase Employee Retention Through Workforce Management Automation” is scheduled to take place August 11 at 2 p.m. EST/ 7p.m. GMT and will be led by Brian Strasser, Senior Director of Partnerships at TrackTik, and Luke Holec, Sales Director at Rain. 



About TrackTik

TrackTik was founded in 2013 and quickly established itself as a market leader with the mission to build better software so its clients can run smarter businesses. TrackTik’s AI-driven technology enables security organizations to connect frontline staff, back office management, and their clients to drive improved operational efficiency, and data  insights. TrackTik helps security professionals make automated, data-driven decisions with its cloud-based seamless approach to system connectivity. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in the United Kingdom and Europe, TrackTik offers four integrated suites of tools—Security Operations for Guarding, Back Office Management, Mobile Patrol and Dispatch, and Business Intelligence & Reporting Analytics, to help security service companies follow the progression of guards, reduce manual tasks, lower costs, and demonstrate value.