MONTREAL, Canada, May 18, 2021—TrackTik Software, an innovative and growing cloud-based security workforce management solution based in Montreal, Quebec, is proud to announce its most recent integration with ADP Workforce Now®, a leading payroll and HR management solution.  

Connect TrackTik’s Back Office Management Suite to ADP Workforce Now® and seamlessly push payroll data from TrackTik to ADP® with one-click processing. Simplify your payroll and significantly reduce costly, error-prone, and time-consuming manual entry of data.

TrackTik’s automated employee matching collects basic employee information from ADP® and adds employee data to TrackTik, reducing the potential for errors and eliminating duplicate entries. When HR managers add, rehire, or terminate employees in ADP®, TrackTik’s employee sync replicates the actions in TrackTik without having to enter the data manually.

Simon Ferragne, CEO and founder of TrackTik Software, said: “Our integration with ADP® exemplifies how TrackTik continues to meet the needs of our clients by integrating with a company that compliments TrackTik’s 360-degree offering. ADP’s® 24/7 Payroll, Time & Attendance, HR Services, and HR & Payroll Outsourcing, coupled with TrackTik’s security workforce management software helps clients of TrackTik’s Back Office Management Suite seamlessly push payroll data from TrackTik to ADP® with one-click payroll processing.”

TrackTik 360 focuses on delivering the best possible solutions and offers added value to security organizations and their clients by building relationships with strategic partners to extend the power of TrackTik products,” said Brian Strasser, Senior Director of Partnerships at TrackTik Software. “As part of our TrackTik 360 program,  the TrackTik Connector for ADP Workforce Now® is a perfect example of how we add value to our clients.”  

To find out more about the integration, visit TrackTik’s ADP page. 

About TrackTik

TrackTik was founded in 2013 and quickly established itself as a market leader with the mission to build better software so its clients can run smarter businesses. TrackTik’s AI-driven technology enables security organizations to connect frontline staff, back office management, and their clients to drive improved operational efficiency and data insights. TrackTik helps security professionals make automated, data-driven decisions with its cloud-based seamless approach to system connectivity. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, TrackTik offers four integrated suites of tools—Security Operations for Guarding, Back Office Management, Mobile Patrol and Dispatch, and Business Intelligence & Reporting Analytics, to help security service companies follow the progression of guards, reduce manual tasks, lower costs, and demonstrate value.