Between 2 Checkpoints – Optimizing Your Day-to-Day Operations with Tour Management

Are you ready for Episode 3 of our webinar series ‘Between 2 Checkpoints’: Optimizing Your Day-to-Day Operations with Tour Management?

Between 2 Checkpoints – Optimizing Your Day to Day Operations with Tour Management

In this webinar, we will do a deep dive on how TrackTik can help bring increased value to your day-to-day operations with our checkpoints and tours management best practices.

Watch our resident experts Jeremy Greene, Mikael Braun and Shorja Chakma cover the topics below

  • How to improve operational efficiency by helping you decide when to set-up static tours vs mobile patrols
  • Your toolkit when setting up tours and patrols for your team
  • How to optimize the ‘filing’ of reports and summaries to churn up the best possible analytics and insights
  • How to identify use cases and workflows for different roles within your team


Jeremy Greene Mikael Braun Shorja Chakma
Jeremy Greene
Manager of Client Success
Mikael Braun
Client Success Executive
Shorja Chakma
Client Success Manager

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March 22, 2022