Between Two Checkpoints – Back To Basics

TrackTik is excited to announce the launch of the “Between Two Checkpoints” webinar series! This series is where we have members of our client success team and our product specialists get together to highlight the best ways to leverage TrackTik to solve your business challenges.

Between Two Checkpoints

Our specialists talk about use cases that have been proven successful across our valued customer base. In episode 1, we are going back to basics! We will focus on ways to optimize your setup, address your work challenges, and discuss how leveraging TrackTik to solve your business needs.

Here is what to expect?

  • How to build proper report templates that will suit your internal needs and client requests.
  • Learn how to export valuable information to make better business decisions.
  • Reduce admin time when creating valuable analytics for your clients
  • How to better manage your client notifications. (Are you drowning your clients in emails?)
  • What is the value of asking questions when your officer is scanning a checkpoint?
  • Helpful resources that are available to you, your team and any new staff members.

Watch our TrackTik experts Jeremy Greene, Mikael Braun, and Shorja Chakma bring you back to basics on ways to optimize your setup and leverage TrackTik to solve your business challenges.

Jeremy Greene Mikael Braun Shorja Chakma
Jeremy Greene
Manager of Client Success
Mikael Braun
Client Success Executive
Shorja Chakma
Client Success Manager

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December 07, 2021