St. Moritz is a Pennsylvania-based corporation —owned and operated by Philip St. Moritz— that started as a regional company and has grown to have a national footprint. With 30 offices stretching from Boston, all the way to Hawaii, they employ over 3000 workers servicing retail, industrial and patrol clients.

St. Moritz Security Services focuses on the individual needs of their clients. They forego generic pre-packaged services in favor of offering a program that is put together based on their client’s individual needs. This is why St. Moritz attracts a lot of customers whose needs are very specific.

The only thing that comes pre-packaged with their services is quality employees and guards. They’re not interested in simply throwing a body into a suit. From the top-down, St. Moritz makes sure its workers deliver high-value service. Their retention rates are much higher than the industry standard which allows them to maintain quality in their security operations.

St. Moritz has grown quickly since being established in 1982 and one of their biggest concerns is losing the ability to focus on the unique needs of their clients as they scale.

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