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Dynamic security workforce tracking

With TrackTik, you’ll never be left wondering about your guard’s whereabouts. GPS tracking feeds a dynamic/real-time map that displays the location of your guards. Geofencing lets you establish where your officers can check-in and also enables you to create restricted zones for your guards to avoid. Supervisors and guards can be automatically notified by SMS and email alerts if the guard is in the forbidden zone you’ve established.

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guarding suite dynamic tracking

Live dashboard

suite live dashboard

Centralized field operations view

GPS tracking

gps tracking

Track your personnel in real-time


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Establish restricted and accessible zones

Dynamic map view

icon dynamic map

View personnel locations on a map

Solitary worker

icon lone worker

Safeguard your lone employees

Panic button

icon panic button

Emergency button to connect guards to management

Automated SMS and email alerts

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Push notifications on field incident

Checkpoint tours

icon checkpoint tours

Establish digital checkpoints for guards to scan on patrol

Post order acknowledgement

icon post order acknowledgement

Ensure your guards have taken notice of post orders

Watch mode

icon watch mode

Catch a live feed of your personnel

Message board

icon message board

Communicate with your frontline

Client portal

icon client portal

Share an operational overview with your clients

Live monitoring of your security guard operations

Make sure your guards have the tools they need to perform an efficient guard tour. With TrackTik’s Guarding Suite, you can establish checkpoints with NFC, barcode, QR Code, Aztec, GPS, as well as manual check-ins, and leave instructions for your guards at each checkpoint.

You can also verify that your guards received the information they need by using the post order acknowledgement feature. If you need to contact your guards, communicate with them via the TrackTik Message Board and give clients as much real-time access to your security operations as you want with the Client Portal.

Guarding Suite

Customized security incident reporting

Save time and gather useful data with standardized incident reporting. TrackTik enables you to use customizable report templates, incident categories, severity levels, incident type sub-forms, and customizable reporting exports.

Actionable insights from security services analytics and data

The robust customization of TrackTik’s incident reports makes it possible to capture accurate data that can be used to support strategic changes to your security operations. Each report has the option of including GPS coordinates from the guard’s mobile (if used) or site location (if established) to give you even more insight into where incidents are taking place and where changes need to be made.

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guarding suite incident reporting

Incident analytics

suite trends analytics

Report on operational intelligence

Customizable report templates

icon customizable report templates

Create site-specific reporting forms for your guards

Customizable incident categories

icon customizable incident catagories

Create incident levels suited to your needs

Incident severity levels

icon incident severity levels

Define the level of emergency attached to incidents

Incident type sub-forms

icon incident type subforms

Reporting form for more information pertaining to incident

Customizable reporting exports

icon customizable reporting exports

Extract reports according to your needs

Branding options

icon branding options

White-label marketing material and software

GPS location capture when completing reports

gps location capture

Compile reports using personnel locations

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