When you are managing a security guard company, it is understandable that you would have different needs from those of other businesses. After all, managing a team of security personnel and coordinating communications between guards and clients can be a complicated task. Unfortunately, not all back office software are up to the unique challenges associated with security management.

While most back office software can help you with important office tasks such as invoicing clients and effectively managing payroll, these are far from the only areas where a back office staff, and your business, could benefit from automated software. Two features in particular stand out as must-have options for those in the security industry.

Simplified Scheduling

Shift scheduling can be a particularly difficult back office task – after all, most security guards don’t work on a standard 9 to 5, Monday to Friday schedule. Assigning shifts based on guard availability and client needs can be quite time-consuming, and if not done properly, it can also prove to be extremely costly.

The best back office software offer an easy-to-use interface that gives a clear overview of your available guards, the number of hours each guard has worked, and any special needs a client may have. They empower and support an efficient team to make the best decisions for your business. With this information readily available, your back office or operations team can more evenly distribute shifts, reducing the number of overtime hours your guards work and increasing your company’s profitability.

Even more importantly, by having a full display of relevant information available, your team can avoid scheduling the wrong guard for the wrong shift and more easily find a suitable replacement if one of your guards calls in sick or simply does not show up. This keeps your clients happy, ensures that you provide a high level of service and minimizes exposure and liability.

Scheduling software can go a step further thanks to automation and on-site tracking, two features that can be especially useful for security guard companies. By automating many of the tasks associated with shift scheduling – such as notifying guards of an updated assignment – your team can avoid human error and have more time available to devote to other tasks that will grow your business. On-site tracking also provides you with instant alerts if a scheduling issue arises (such as a guard not checking in for his shift), allowing your team to respond quickly to resolve the problem, once again driving client retention.

Planning for Growth

Every company hopes to grow, to find new clients and expand their operations. Marketing for this type of growth is one thing. Scaling your business so your security guard company can continue to provide superior service is another. However, with the right back office solution on your side, you can more effectively tap into key analytics that track your finances, personnel, and other resources, allowing you to prepare for growth opportunities.

With the help of key business metrics (as provided by your back office service provider), you can identify which employees are most efficient, which sites are contributing to profit-slashing overtime costs, and what actions would need to be taken to scale your company for future growth.

When your security guard software automatically delivers financial data and other key pieces of information, you can identify trends that could be hampering growth opportunities, as well as identify areas where you could make changes to increase your profitability. Important business decisions won’t rely on guesswork any longer – rather, you can use performance data to make informed choices.

Specialized Support Makes a Difference

When combined with the standard payroll and invoicing features found in many back-office service products, security guard scheduling software and business intelligence features can help take your security company to the next level. By allowing your back office team to work more efficiently and giving management access to crucial data, you will have everything you need to streamline your work environment and achieve greater levels of profitability than ever before.

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