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What’s in it?

  • Compliance with mandatory Lone Worker Safety checks
  • Capture comprehensive footage of every intervention
  • Access up-to-date site instructions and best practices
  • Real-time notifications for all customer and site messages
  • Direct access to emergency contacts in the event of an incident

What’s in it for you?

  • Facilitate communication between employees and sites
  • Receive real-time alerts from guards in distress
  • Access devices remotely to confirm guard status
  • Create relevant training material from real-life situations
  • Gain insight into how your guards handle interventions
  • Be protected from lawsuits and untrue claims

Reassure your lone workers

TrackTik’s Lone Worker Safety Solution allows you to ensure compliance with labour and safety regulations without an additional device. Reduce risk and liability, protect your officers and simplify safety protocols. Create unique schedules for different posts allowing you to manage exception tickets for missed check-ins and ensure efficient call-in and check-in process.

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See it all with Watch Mode

TrackTik’s Watch Mode feature enables guards to capture live video of incidents during patrols, making the recordings available directly from the Live Dashboard. The ability to capture video of incidents can objectively support you if a claim against your company is made. This is also a concise way to ensure compliance or add to your organization's knowledge base for training purposes.

Act based on the latest Post and Escalation Orders

Gone are the days of post orders being locked in a dusty binder. In today’s dynamic risk environment, security instructions can change depending on the current risk level. That means your security team may need to consult post orders more frequently. Ensure that the latest information is available and obtain read receipts.

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Communicate effectively with the Message Board

Ensuring that all employees are informed is a challenge. Passed-down paper notes get lost, and emailed details are not guaranteed to be read. TrackTik’s Message Board feature allows the team to stay in touch. Enjoy the flexibility of keeping your clients involved with this real-time communication tool.

Get peace of mind with Panic Button

The panic button is a peace-of-mind feature of the system that can be easily activated in case of emergency. Once activated, it sends a notification to the Live Dashboard, SMS and email to the contacts that have been pre-programmed in the system. This feature includes the GPS coordinates of the device as well as the phone number and name of the employee carrying the device.

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