Whether you are a security service firm or a corporate security operation, driving costs down has and always been a daily concern for managers alike. But where should you focus your efforts? With each component of a security firm being vital in its own way, it may be difficult for some to hone in on just a select few.

To help you get started, we’ve come up with a helpful guide that looks at ways you can cut your operating costs by up to 35%!


  • For one, with the help of workforce management software, using real-time data to respond quicker to emergencies and strategize around high-risk areas.
  • Secondly, administration takes up a significant amount of man hours for both your office and on-site employees – another area of your operations that could be streamlined with technology.

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“Over the past two years I have cut my operating costs by 35%. The team it takes to manage my portfolio has reduced dramatically.”

– Roy Smith, CEO at Aegis Specialist

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