In a post-pandemic world, when choosing a technology to perform a process or procedure, most security services organizations will probably choose the technology that provides greater physical distancing opportunities than the other. Examples of this type of technology include self-opening doors combined with automated customer counting and flow control (to comply with the recommended 2-metre / 6-foot physical distancing rules), facial recognition, counters with screens, heat-sensing cameras, thermal-imaging cameras on mobile phones like the CAT® S61, integrated fever screening and detection, and remote monitoring systems.

More and more, robot and drone guarding is becoming more commonplace, especially in locations where security can be challenging due to logistical or cost reasons. Utility plants, for example, are often located in remote locations that require round-the-clock protection. There are also other clients with ever-changing security and surveillance needs. For these types of clients, security robots like the Badger PatrolBot™ can provide perimeter intrusion detection and integration with existing security workforce management solutions.

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