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What’s in it?

  • Live dashboard to assign and track dispatch activities
  • Individual or group assignment in one click
  • Workflow-driven updates and alerts
  • Customizable reporting by job type
  • Detailed workflow functions and site-specific instructions by job type

What’s in it for you?

  • Real-time status updates of job completion
  • Keep dispatchers vigilant with status warnings
  • Support job assignment to response partners
  • Reassign jobs quickly to ensure that SLAs are met
  • Dispatch effortlessly with real-time guard status, location, and ETA

Exceed client expectations

Keep dispatchers informed with real-time updates and alerts to ensure that SLAs are met. Benefit from customized reporting, workflow functions and client-specific data for each job type. Direct your workforce to address urgent situations with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Respond, Assign, Track

Respond to the unexpected and increase your mobile operation's efficiency and productivity. TrackTik’s Security Dispatch Software helps you to assign alarm response, emergency services, and service request calls with real-time ETAs based on the officer’s GPS location and travel times.

Connect your mobile operation with the Mobile + Suite

Combining TrackTik’s Dispatch and Patrol modules provides visibility and accountability while improving response time to manage client expectations. TrackTik provides the structure and flexibility you need to manage every facet of your mobile operations and maximize efficiency. Centralize and connect your staff within a single platform.

Empower your mobile operations

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