Montreal, Canada, January 28, 2021 – TrackTik Software today announced that it has been chosen by APPEALIE as one of the SAAS Customer Success Award winners for the 2020 SaaS Awards. TrackTik was recognized for its demonstrated excellence and commitment to customer success. 

Simon Ferragne, TrackTik’s founder and CEO said, “Customer success is pivotal to TrackTik’s mission to build better software so that our clients can run smarter businesses. Our entire business model is built around addressing the unique needs and challenges of each of our clients. Our clients’ success is our success, and our clients’ problems are our problems.” 

“Our highly selective, data-driven software award honors customer-obsessed SaaS platforms that go above and beyond to deliver extraordinary experiences,” commented Matt Harney, Founder of APPEALIE. “Really ‘stepping up’ for their customers during COVID-19 was a common theme amongst our SaaS Customer Success Award winners.”

A reflection of this is how more than 25% of TrackTik’s workforce directly focuses on ensuring customer success. A team of more than 30 dedicated Client Success professionals and five Professional Services specialists work with clients daily to ensure that they are satisfied with TrackTik’s solution, service offering, and innovation. Driving this innovation, over 60 committed developers, engineers, and support team members work tirelessly behind the scenes. 

An example of TrackTik’s client-focused approach is Brosnan Risk Consultants (Brosnan). Brosnan has been a full-service security, protective, investigative, and consulting firm to a global network of clients in 46 states across the United States of America for over 25 years. One of the largest privately-held providers of security services, Brosnan partnered up with TrackTik in the Fall of 2020 to digitize their security operations and gather better data insights for their clients to bring their technological offering to new heights, and equip them with the tools to provide first-class service to their clients. TrackTik worked with Brosnan to roll out TrackTik’s Security Operations for Guarding, Mobile Patrol and Dispatch, and Business Intelligence & Reporting Analytics modules for 35 different regions and more than 750 company users. This roll-out also included a custom data replication implementation within the Mobile Patrol and Dispatch Module.

“In rolling out TrackTik throughout our offices across the country, there have been many unique situations that we have run into, as is the case with any large-scale technology implementation of this magnitude. From the very beginning, TrackTik’s Training and Implementation team has provided us with the support required to help us leverage the software to its full potential: coming on-site in order to train our team on the solution with a carefully thought out training plan, and keeping communication lines open at all times for ongoing remote support,” said Patrick Brosnan, Vice President of Operations & Technology at Brosnan. “Their ability to support clients spans beyond just training – they were able to successfully deliver on a custom implementation with lots of moving parts in technology.” 

About TrackTik
The leading security workforce management software, TrackTik has been innovating in the security industry since it was founded in 2013 through its four integrated suites of SaaS-based tools: Security Operations for Guarding, Back Office Management, Mobile Patrol and Dispatch, and Business Intelligence & Reporting Analytics. A key player in the physical security space, TrackTik helps security service programs and companies follow the progression of guards, reduce manual tasks, lower costs, and demonstrate value. Our team of Client Success and Professional Services professionals, proudly support TrackTik’s application in securing 210,000+ facilities and 550+ clients across 35 countries and in 6+ languages. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, TrackTik’s Client Success workforce is spread across Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe, and ensures our customers’ success through tailored product training, custom implementations, and value-adding business consultancy.

The APPEALIE SaaS Awards are the most selective in software. Winning SaaS apps are selected based on customer feedback and data, including Net Promoter Scores™. APPEALIE also conducts further due diligence beyond entrant applications to ensure each winner meets its standards of excellence. Pronounced “appeal-eee,” the name APPEALIE originates from its mission to recognize the most appealing apps in SaaS.

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