The Show is around the corner but the vibe seems a little different this time around.

The last few weeks I have heard and said the traditional, “Are you going to ASIS?” over and over again. While the answer is still usually, “Yes, would not miss it,” this year it is followed by, “I am not sure what to expect.” Gasp! The days are different, the floor opens on a different day from the seminar, Canada Night is on a Monday and not a Sunday — what are we going to do?!

8 Reasons Why You Should Attend ASIS 2017
TrackTik’s booth at ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits

In my eyes, the answer is simple: “See you at the show.” Let’s give the changes a chance to play out. Let’s soak in some of these new events and check out some highflying, well-known speakers — in short, give change a chance!

At the 63rd ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits, ASIS 2017 for short, the estimated 20,000 security professionals attending the Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, will make that city the hub of the security world from September 24 to 28!

For the short answer to the question “Why go?”, the ASIS International website summarizes it quite clearly: “Year after year, ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits … remains the #1 source for industry knowledge and in-demand training. It provides the best opportunity to see the latest advances in the industry, all in one short week.” 

Online resources are abundant for conference goers with your primary source being ASIS 2017. If you have never been, or even if you have attended each and every year of your security career, the New in 2017 is a great page to consult. If the education track motivates you, then consult the training parts of the website. Please do not miss the line-up slated for the Impact Learning sessions, right on the tradeshow floor. Read on for details on a session near and dear to me!

Plan Ahead

Considering the changes in program mainstays and the volume of things to do, you will need to make choices and set a game plan for your visit. In addition to the online resources mentioned above, we have compiled a list of things to consider that will help you have an enriching and valuable experience at the show.

  1. Pre-Seminar. This year there seem to be more opportunities than ever for in-depth learning. Sessions such as IT Security for Physical Security Professionals are sure to be fantastic opportunities to grow as a security professional.
  2. Impact Learning Sessions. New for 2017, these sessions held in Theatres 1 and 2 take place right on the show floor. Free-of-charge, designed to be short and dynamic, the sessions and their key takeaways are sure to generate some good discussion and learning. Of particular interest: Using Technology to Drive Data into Security Planning (session IL02), delivered by yours truly and Brent Fortner from Securitas Services North America.
  3. Social Media #ASIS17. Know the conference hashtags (#) and check out the Twitter handles of interest, namely, suppliers, thought leaders, associations, and contacts. Keep an eye out for “meet-ups,” a chance to meet and exchange ideas in person. Suggestions for conversations to follow: @TrackTik, @markfolmer, @asiscanada, @asis_intl, #ASIS17 and #myasis.
  4. Learn. The opportunities for learning are nearly endless! Seminars are an obvious choice. But also consider the ASIS Council booths (such as the Security Services Council). The free learning is most abundant on the trade show floor — wall-to-wall exhibitors offering demos and best practices. Find the opportunities that tie into what your overall goals are. Don’t forget to log your CPE credits!
  5. Meet Your Suppliers. The show is an excellent opportunity to meet with your current suppliers, solidify relationships, build trust, and share ideas. Some exhibitors have even made available private meeting rooms right on the show floor, so you can talk in complete privacy. Locatee your supplier here. It is easy to find us because we are in the heart of the action — at booth #733!
  6. Network and Connect.  It goes without saying but The Show is the place to network! Face-to-face, you can make connections on the show floor, in the different lounges, at the various events, etc. Consider a social invitation from your supplier as an opportunity to meet like-minded security professionals and learn from each other.
  7. Best Practices. Looking for ways to benchmark how your program is doing versus peers or how your company is providing service versus the competition? The conference is a good venue to learn about various industry standards and identify best practices that you could be following to maximize your security offering.
  8. Trends. What are you concerned about? ESRM planning? Soft target security planning?  Convergence between information security and physical security? The use of KPIs to drive your security program? Does BYOD really have an impact on your business? You will find answers to your questions at The Show.

Let’s Connect

It would be great to connect, discuss industry trends, learn more about your business, and get your input on future product development. If you plan to attend ASIS 2017, then please send me a note at [email protected].

8 Reasons Why You Should Attend ASIS 2017
The TrackTik team at ASIS

I will be at The Show as of the Sunday and will hit the ground running to participate in: the Region 6 (Canada) General meeting (Monday at 2 p.m.), the Security Services Council meeting (Sunday at 2 p.m.) and, of course, Canada Night, which celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Put the photo booth (proudly sponsored by TrackTik) on your agenda, and be sure to get some great pictures!

For the rest of the conference, I will be, at various times, at booth #733, the Security Services Council info booth, the Impact Learning series, and the education sessions.

See you at The Show!