The good news and bad news about having a booth at a trade show is that you are not alone. Sure, a big swathe of your industry will be there. But it is also easy to be ignored in a sea of booths, and that can be a costly proposition for your security company.

So here are our five tips for helping you get the most out of your trade show exhibitor experience:

1. Remember: “Out of sight is out of mind”

5 Tips to Rock the ASIS International Trade Show as an Exhibitor

Nobody remembers the person who did not show up at the party. Trade shows are wonderful opportunities to make and deepen your personal connection with clients, prospects, and peers. That 3D connection is all the more important if you work outside the U.S., like Montreal for example!

Before the show, identify the ideal prospects or target you want to talk to. Make sure everyone on your team has a clear picture of this persona in mind.

Have a lead collection system in place for recording both contact information and qualifying details, so you can follow up appropriately with everyone you meet following the event.

2. Spoil your visitors with ambiance and exclusivity

When you make your booth visitors feel special, you’re automatically putting yourself steps ahead of your competitors. You want your booth visitors to feel welcome, and having a warm, dynamic, and engaging greeter is a must. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the greeter does not have to be a professional model. It is important that this person be knowledgeable and resourceful.

At the most basic level, your booth layout should be spacious and inviting. The booth should strategically guide your visitor through the information-gathering journey you have designed. Personalize the booth design to meet the needs of your prospects and team. A smart layout attracts visitors, and crowds attract crowds.

To take the spoil-your-visitors idea to the next level, host exclusive events, like a brunch, cocktail, or sneak-peek at a product or information scoop. If you have the budget, hire a performer, like a band, local artist, or unique talent. If you are in the tech world, invite an industry expert to host an event at your booth.

3. Personalize your booth design to stand out

5 Tips to Rock the ASIS International Trade Show as an Exhibitor
5 Tips to Rock the ASIS International Trade Show as an Exhibitor

Being invisible will not help you meet your trade show objectives. To maximize your visibility in the crowded village of booths, invest in a creative hanging banner or use lighting effects to focus attention on your location. Make sure the messages on your graphics are clear and uncluttered.

Budget permitting, have an experienced booth designer create a space that supports your brand identity and business objectives.

4. Offer eye candy

Have you seen what the appearance of candy does to children? Then you know the effect that cool tech, visual effects, and videos has on adults (although we know a few adults who enjoy pure candy, too).

To draw in visitors, you should offer at least one eye-catching treat. If you are in the tech industry, tech eye candy attracts the finest tech connaisseurs. Savvy and novelty-hungry, these aficionados find an interactive demo station to be the equivalent of delicious hors d’oeuvres.

For example, TrackTik has a VIT display which acts both as a product display and a computer projection, all in one. You can showcase your product or packaging as well as play a live demo or video on the screen.

5. Attention to details is a must

5 Tips to Rock the ASIS International Trade Show as an Exhibitor
5 Tips to Rock the ASIS International Trade Show as an Exhibitor

Focusing attention on seemingly small but important details, you can help differentiate your brand’s presentation from the others. For example:

  • Design your demo so that it is interactive, not passive
  • Hand out USB sticks that store your sales collateral. That makes everyone’s life simpler and more efficient.
  • Provide a rest/lounge area or tradeshow kits to give visitors a respite from the show. They will appreciate the thought, and who knows, a conversation started in the “lounge” may end up at the sales desk.

With sound planning and meticulous attention, your next trade show can make a world of positive difference to your sales funnel, brand recognition, and business relationships.

Come meet our team at Booth #733 at ASIS International 2017 in Dallas, and may this tradeshow be a phenomenal success!

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