A security guard report app can make a big difference for your company, allowing you to enjoy increased accountability from your guards, as well as more efficient scheduling and communications. With the help of these modern tools, your guards will be better equipped to respond to emergency situations, handle client requests, and submit reports to your office management team.

Of course, not all apps are created equal, which means that not every app will help your security company experience these great benefits.

So which features should you look for when selecting a security guard report app?

The following key features will allow your team to work more effectively than ever:

1. Customized Reporting

Each client is unique, and as a result, you probably need to report different types of information to different clients. One client might require an extensively detailed report with photographs and other supplemental pieces of information. Another client might only wish to know the type of incident that took place and whether or not any further action needs to be taken to resolve the issue. With customized reporting templates, you can simplify your guards’ reporting needs by ensuring that they submit all required information based on the specific incident. Helpful data fields ensure that no vital piece of information is left out, keeping both you and your clients fully aware of what is going on.

These customized reporting features become even more convenient when your guards can file their report directly from their smartphone. This user-friendly reporting method keeps your guards from getting weighed down by excess pieces of equipment, while allowing them to file their reports using a piece of tech that they have already mastered.

2. Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting is without a doubt one of the most important features of any modern security guard report app. As convenient as it is to be able to send push notifications or text messages to your guards when a scheduling change has occurred, the ability to send a real-time report can make all the difference in successfully resolving an on-site incident.

If a guard reports an emergency situation that requires immediate assistance, your team can leverage the information that is automatically provided by the security guard report app to immediately send additional support, contact your client, or take any other actions necessary to resolve the situation. Real-time reporting gives your guards the resources they need to handle incidents with confidence—something that will also prove your value to your clients.

3. Tracking and Accountability

GPS tracking is another key feature you should look for in a security guard report app. GPS integration within a reporting app ensures the accountability of your guards by tracking their movements throughout the duration of their shift. This tracking system keeps your guards honest by ensuring that they show up on time for their work and conduct their patrol professionally. It allows your most reliable guards to show their worth, while motivating others to improve their performance.

GPS tracking doesn’t merely allow you to keep track of your guards—it can literally save lives. If one of your guards was to suffer a serious injury while on patrol and was unable to call for help, your office team would still be able to realize that something was wrong when GPS tracking indicated he was no longer moving. This would allow your team to call for medical assistance or send other nearby guards to help. GPS tracking will also allow you to respond more quickly when a guard needs assistance dealing with a reported incident.


When you select a security guard report app that combines GPS tracking with customized, real-time reporting, your team will be better equipped than ever to provide effective patrols that keep your clients’ facilities safe. With modern technology on your side, you’ll ultimately be able to improve the guard patrol experience for your employees and clients alike.