As a security provider, helping your clients understand the importance of their physical security is one of your top priorities. An essential part of this process is ensuring that clients realize that integrated security solutions are their best option for maintaining a safe and secure work environment. After all, your clients are constantly making tech updates to improve other parts of their business – shouldn’t their security be of equal or greater importance?

But how do you go about “selling” an integrated security solution to your clients? How do you help them realize that the tools and technology you use add real value to their business? Understanding the way that integrated security solutions benefit your own work can provide key insights into how they will also bring about positive results for your customers.

Improving Efficiency

In today’s business climate, improving efficiency is a top priority in practically every industry. Measurements that increase productivity, lower operating expenses, and help a company become more technologically up-to-date are essential for the long-term vitality of the business.

As a security services provider, using an integrated scheduling and management solution enables you to improve your bottom line and get better results from your team. While this can certainly benefit your own office staff, it is also essential that you focus on how it improves things for your clients.

For example, an integrated security solution ensures more efficient scheduling, setting up recurring shift assignments and even accounting for facilities that have special requirements. If a client requires a particular security clearance or training for guards assigned to their facilities, an integrated system will ensure that only qualified guards are given the shift.

By improving your own internal efficiencies, you can better deliver on your promises to your clients. Using technology to streamline your own efforts ultimately means you’ll be able to provide superior service and avoid human error, a benefit all clients can understand and appreciate.

The Power of Data

How to Sell an Integrated Security Solution to Your Clients
There’s no denying that old-school paper reporting is largely inefficient at bringing about needed change

An integrated security solution does much more than simply help you avoid making mistakes. It also creates new opportunities for your clients by delivering actionable data in real time.

There’s no denying that old-school paper reporting is largely inefficient at bringing about needed change. Even when data is stored electronically, the use of multiple software programs often keeps companies from identifying key insights that will help them make crucial changes.

With the use of an integrated security system, however, actionable data points will be delivered in a clear, easy to read manner. This makes it much easier to identify persistent security issues that a client may be facing. For example, a series of maintenance problems over a one-week period may reveal a more serious underlying concern. By identifying the connection through smart data, clients can act fast to resolve the threat.

Data from integrated solutions also puts security providers in a better position to suggest safety improvements that could be made to the facility. Data can reveal key risks that might otherwise go undetected. Leveraging information in this way can help clients avoid future expenses that might result due to liability concerns, theft, and more.

A Win-Win Solution

By emphasizing the above benefits with your clients, you can better illustrate how integrated security solutions create a win-win scenario for all parties involved. By improving the efficiency of your team and gaining access to data insights, you and your clients can work together to mitigate the risks they face.

By better preparing for and preventing future incidents, your clients will have peace of mind knowing that their equipment, personnel, and financial resources are safe. As a result, they will be able to focus more of their energy on growing and maintaining their business — leading to greater results and profitability than ever before.